Plastic Storage Boxes Strong and Durable for Heavy Duty Tasks

If you've got storage dilemmas or plastic container requirements you can always count on Solent Plastics. We’d like to think we have a solution for everything!

Stackable Storage Boxes

Get it here: 30 Litre Extra Strong Plastic Stacking Euro Container / Stackable Storage Box

Our new 30 litre EXTRA strong stacking Euro containers are designed with European standard dimensions that allow easy palletisation and inter-stacking - even with Euro boxes that are from other manufacturers. Since they are made from heavy-duty and chemical resistant food polypropylene, they are suitable for commercial environments.

Nest Box Plastic Containers

Get it here:Heavy Duty Used 18 Litre Reversible Stack / Nest Box Plastic Container

Tough, reliable and easily stacked, this swivel container will help to save space when not in use - and nested. Ideal for tools, stock and other distribution parts for easier retrieval, the heavy duty 18ltr reversible stack container is the perfect work partner.

Produce Crates

Get it here:Large 51 Litre Ventilated Plastic Stacking Food Container Produce Crate

Specially designed for food, produce and harvesting purposes, our ventilated plastic stacking food containers can protect those perishables while in transit. With a ventilated base and sides, they are suitable for food production, catering and food delivery processes.

Small Euro Container Boxes

Get it here:USED Heavy Duty 4 Litre Small Stacking Plastic Euro Container Box

Our small, impact-resistant stacking Euro containers come with a reinforced base and internal handgrips to make them easier to handle when in use. The thick, heavy-duty construction makes them perfect for all kinds of heavy materials - vehicle parts, warehouse components, garden tools, etc. They are also suitable for automated conveyor use.

Swingbar Containers

Get it here:75 Litre Extra Large Used Stack / Nest Plastic Swingbar Container

Commonly used for moving purposes, our swingbar containers are extra strong and have massive storage capacities - perfect for accommodating your fragile items. The toughest removal containers around, they are no longer produced; so, it's best to get hold of them now while you still can!

Euro Container Boxes

Get it here:USED Heavy Duty 23 Litre Stacking Plastic Euro Container Box

For anything from carrying heavy machinery parts, to stocking huge warehouse materials; make no mistake, these short-sided box trays are multi-functional! Available at only £4.95 per container, this is surely a deal you don't want to miss!

"Black Box"

Get it here:35 Litre Black Really Useful Plastic Storage Box Container

The sturdiest of our "Really Useful Boxes" range, the 35-litre black plastic storage box containers are ergonomically designed to contain foolscap files, builder's kits and Christmas decorations - tis the season to be jolly after all!

All these items are Special Offer and limited availability, so hurry while stocks last! Call us today on 01794 514478 and we?ll stack up a good deal on all your plastic container requirements. Solent Plastics... where it is all about storage!