Airtight Plastic Storage Boxes & Trunks

Solent Plastics is proud to offer a wide variety of plastic storage boxes that assures unsurmountable airtight protection. Unique in the UK market, this innovative solution provides the ideal storage conditions - affording reliable protection from the effects of water, dust and damp.

The entire range is made from heavy-duty polypropylene; a resilient material that makes our airtight plastic storage boxes durable and robust, yet lightweight when empty. Read more on our Airtight boxes at bottom of page...

The airtight and weathertight qualities give the added assurance that these plastic storage boxes will remain sealed against the environmental effects of moisture and the weather, making them a more secure option for a multitude of uses for which non-airtight storage alternatives are not always the answer - such as damp area storage, archiving important paperwork, electronic device protection, marine environments, laboratory use, food storage, camping or even expedition boxes for the more adventurous.

These lidded boxes also provide an efficient storage option that is easily stackable and conveniently manoeuvrable - some of the larger options also feature reinforced lids or wheels. Our airtight plastic storage boxes and trunks are available in a wide selection of sizes ranging from 18-90 litres and in various finishes that include clear, opaque or black; so you can select the design and colour to suit your needs.

Whatever airtight container or weathertight storage requirement you have in mind, you will find the ideal work or home solution in our unrivalled range of affordable airtight plastic storage boxes and trunks.

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