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45 Litre Surplus Stock Euro Plastic Stacking Container / Stackable Storage Box
Product Code BSE64/22HG
Capacity 45 Litres
Weight 1.7
Dimensions (Ext)
L x W x H (mm)
L 600 x W 400 x H 220 mm
Dimensions (Int)
L x W x H (mm)
L 570 x W 370 x H 215 mm
Handle Open Or Closed Handholes
Colour Green, Grey, Streaky, Clear, Black, Red, Yellow or Blue
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45 Ltr Surplus Stock Euro Plastic Stacking Container/Storage Box | Solent Plastics

New Surplus B-Stock Euro containers: Available at unmatched low special offer prices for heavy duty quality. Buy while stocks last...

These containers are Surplus B-Stock as the colour within the container can be mixed or streaky caused by colour changes during production. Many colours are perfect and solid

Boxes are New and in perfect technical condition and guarantee the same Industrial strength, weight and quality as the usual range

Available with Open or Closed Handholes - Perfect for any industrial environment!

Smooth bases suitable for automated conveyors

Drop on lids and dollies available

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1 - 44 £6.45
45 - Pallet Rate£5.95
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Price: £6.45 ex / £7.74 inc VAT

Environmental Responsibilities

Looking after the environment is very important to our company and a key consideration for Solent Plastics. As a responsible supplier of plastic containers, we do our absolute best to care for our surroundings.

There are plenty of benefits to recycling plastics, especially since they are now accounting for a larger proportion of our nation's waste. Plastic accounted for less than 1% of Britain's waste in 1960. By 2012, this figure had risen to 12%, with landfill space struggling to cope.

Recycling plastics conserves natural resources such as water, natural gas, petroleum and coal and the energy required to create new plastic.

Solent Plastics is a great believer in responsible plastic product disposal and recycling. In addition to stocking a large range of products manufactured from recycled plastic, we also sell a selection of recycling bins to help with customers' efforts at work, school or in the home.

Our durable recycling storage and plastic waste bins promote easy and efficient waste segregation for home or office use. Suitable for indoor or outdoor applications, many are colour-coded to make recycling even easier. They are widely used in retail premises, hospitals, colleges, the hospitality industry, schools, staff areas, airports, restaurants and for domestic applications.

Many of our products are made from recycled plastic, including our ECO recycled mobile plastic storage tanks. Our ECO value range of black tapered mobile tanks provides the same quality and specification as our standard coloured tank range, but with extra savings for our customers - the recycled black material is of the same strength, but it is also environmentally friendly and ideal for all non-food industrial and commercial uses.

Our used plastic boxes, crates and containers support environmentally friendly practices and we buy in bulk so that we can offer our customers huge savings on their storage requirements. Available in different sizes, from the 10-litre stackable storage box to the 47-litre plastic stacking container, the other Eco way of looking at our used range is that we are taking boxes at the end of their life with one user and reselling them – so they can be used again and again!

Please contact us for further information on our wide range of environmentally friendly products and services.