19 Inspiring Storage Ideas From Around the Web

About eighteen months ago, we published an infographic on great ways to utilise space and storage in your home. The thing is, people all over the Internet, from interior designers to real estate/property commentators are constantly posting and sharing new ideas for maximising and saving on storage space. So, we've trawled the world wide web for some of our favourite storage ideas. Welcome to Storage Hacks 2016....

1.    Kitchen lid rack to store handbags

Are you running out of cupboard or closet space? Using unused household items as means of storage means that you could be saving yourself some much needed square footage. 

2. Wet-wipe containers can be used to store plastic bags 

We are being told that we need to save on plastic bags (and supermarkets are now charging us as a helpful reminder), but they can often take up much needed space in a cupboard, drawer or even in a corner next to the fridge. Likewise, if you've got a wet-wipe or tissue box container, you may feel duty bound to recycle it. So solve two problems at once - save your boxes and containers, and keep your plastic bags out of sight. 

3.  Use Coat Hangers for Boots

If boots are taking up a lot of space on the floor of your bedroom or your cupboard, then think about using coat hangers to hold up boots and save floor space for storage of other kinds. 

4.     Sort your shoes out...

...or alternatively, if floor space in your cupboard is becoming a problem, then think about how you can sort things out. One nifty way is to use old baking trays to neatly store trainers or boots, as well as coat hooks to suspend any other pairs of shoes that won’t fit. 

 5. Use Velcro to stick things to your desk 

Use Velcro to stick things to the bottom of the desk if you find that your actual desk space is becoming cluttered for some reason. And if you don’t want to be that person checking your phone at work all the time, then sneakily hiding your phone away underneath your desk might be the idea for you.

6. Use wall hooks for tea mugs 

It's an oldie but a goodie; this can free up valuable space for plates and other forms of crockery. 

7. Use a clothes line to fasten wrapping paper to the ceiling of your cupboard

Wrapping paper can be one of those annoying things that you may only need to use en masse once in a while; if you want to store your supplies in a cupboard, or a small space, then you can use an old piece of clothes line to fasten them to the ceiling. Problem solved.

8. Hang bathroom products and toiletries from the shower rail 

It's frustrating when you're in the shower and water causes the shower gel or shampoo to slip and slide all over the bath. This saves you hassle and frees up space too. 

9. S hooks to keep your pots and pans organised 

Let's face it. If you're an organised cook, you may want to keep your pots and pans in some of kind of size order, meaning that cooking is just generally more of a smoother, less hassle free experience. 

10. Use magazine holders to store curling irons, hairdryers etc 

It may be that, with the proliferation of smart phones, you aren't buying magazines as much any more. If that's the case, then think about using any old magazine holders for other purposes....

11. Use your carpentry skills to make a toothbrush holder 

Carving little grooves in your bathroom cabinet means that you can create handy, homemade toothbrush holders to make your bathroom storage that little bit easier. 

12. Use a play mat that doubles as a bag 

If you're tired of picking the children's toys off the floor, then get hold of a play mat that can quickly and easily double as a bag for storing those toys that get taken out and played with on a regular basis. 

13. Use clamps to keep power cables in place 

If you're one of those people who is constantly plugged in with PCs, tablets and mobiles constantly on the go, then you may have trouble holding power cables and chargers in place. Using clamps or pins to secure cables to your desk will help you to optimise space more effectively. 

14. Personalised storage baskets 

Not an original one, we'll grant you. But that's probably because it's such a tried and true (not to mention aesthetically pleasing) way of tucking bits and bobs away. Wicker baskets are good ways of storing your valuables and separating out valuables so that various family members'/flatmates' belongings don't get mixed up. 

15. Use a mug tree to keep those scissors safe 

Keep your sharp objects somewhere visible but also out of the reach of small children (if you have any). Using a mug tree to mount your scissors and knives is a nifty way of achieving this. 

16. Use ice cube holders to store little bits of jewellery 

A dead simple idea, as ice cube holders aren't items we might use on a regular basis (especially not in the summer), but can come in handy for small items of jewellery that we may not choose to wear all the time. 

17. Use hanging baskets for storing stray items 

Hanging baskets are a great decorative item for the exterior of your home, but have you thought about using them for indoors too? This is a great idea for storing items which may otherwise end up flung over the end of chairs or simply on the bathroom floor

18. Using empty bottles to store bracelets 

This is another storage friendly method which also happens to combine effective use of space with recycling of any leftover materials you may have lying around your house. So it's both tidy and environmentally friendly! 

19. Using the suitcases for out of season clothing

This is a really simple one to finish on. If you're not going to be using those t-shirts, shorts or flip flops for a few months, then why not store them somewhere out of sight and free up some much needed space in the cupboards and drawers.