25 Ways To Use: The Airtight Clear Plastic Storage Box

The Box: The Airtight Clear Plastic Storage Box

If, like us, you’re always on the hunt for nifty yet practical storage solutions, then we may have just the thing for you! We’ve put the Airtight Clear Plastic Storage Box to the test and found twenty five different uses to help improve the storage in your home and lifestyle.

Forget about water and dust sneaking into your storage containers, the Airtight Clear Plastic Storage Box will keep your contents clean and dry and keep air and moisture out. We admit that it’s not the most prettiest of boxes out there, but this box is designed to last and designed for practicality. And with twenty-five different ways of using it, you’ll never get bored of this brilliant box.

Coming in a range of sizes, this plastic storage box is made from heavy-duty polypropylene; a resilient material that makes the box more durable and robust, yet lightweight when empty. The durable buckles keep the lid securely attached and the reinforced lid provides easy and secure stacking for multiple boxes.

The transparency of the box makes organisation easy, as contents are always visible. With airtight and weather-tight qualities, the box will also remain sealed against the environmental effects of moisture and the weather, making it an ideal storage solution in your garage, loft, shed or warehouse.

Now you’ve got the lowdown on the key features, check out these twenty five storage ideas of how to use the Airtight Clear Plastic Storage Box in your home; from your bathroom and bedroom to your garage and garden shed. There’s also some further reading on excellent storage and decorating ideas for different rooms of your home.

The Bedroom

When it comes to using clear storage boxes in the bedroom, there are endless solutions. Get bored easily of your storage? No problem, as you can keep mixing it up with how you use clear storage boxes. 

If you’ve got kids then you’ll already know how hard it is to keep their bedroom tidy (without having to bribe them with a sweet treat just to get them to tidy it) and you can’t go a day without having to pick up all the toys from the floor just to get to the bed to say goodnight. This is where clear storage boxes come in handy, as you can keep them on the shelves, you can stack them and the kids don’t have to ransack the whole bedroom just to find what they’re looking for, with the boxes being transparent.

The same goes for your own storage as well. Clothes and shoes are also perfect for storing in the boxes, especially if there are items that you don’t wear that often but you want to protect and perhaps just stack at the back of your wardrobe to create some space. Due to their transparency, you too don’t need to ransack your whole wardrobe just to find those shoes that you want to wear to that friend’s wedding.

To help get you started, these are our top five ways of using the clear plastic storage box with the bedroom:

1) Toys and Teddies

2) Clothing and Accessories

3) Shoes

4) Cosmetics

5) Bedding and Blankets

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The Bathroom

Clear plastic storage boxes are super versatile and are great for organisation because of their transparency. Although it might not be the most stylish solution for your bathroom, it’s certainly the most practical. Our sixth way to use the clear plastic storage box goes to...

6) Towels

When it comes to towels, they come in all shapes, sizes and colours and need to be both accessible but also kept neatly out the way as bathroom storage is often limited. With clear plastic storage boxes being waterproof and airtight, this solution will help keep your towels soft and fully and most importantly clean, after-all you don’t want your towels collecting dust!

Whether you’d prefer to roll them up so it looks more stylish or simply fold them, you can use a clear plastic box to store your towels. It’s a great way to keep tidy in the bathroom and also accessible for when you have guests.

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The Kitchen

The kitchen is a place for a whole plethora of fantastic storage ideas and projects that can make daily life more interesting and easier on an everyday basis. Clear storage boxes are great for the following two uses:

7) Recycling

8) Food Storage

Starting off with recycling, it can become a fun and rewarding task to lead a greener lifestyle and start making a difference to our carbon footprint. Recycling can be an easy task once you have a great system in place. Clear storage boxes can be great for storing either in your kitchen if you have the space, or in your garage, or even outside (since the boxes are waterproof) for sorting out your recycling ready for collection.

When it comes to food storage, there are only certain types of foods that are suitable for storage in boxes, potatoes being one of the most favourable! Whether you prefer to store your potatoes on the worktop or in a cupboard (a cool, dark place is supposedly best), a storage box will help keep you organised and bulky food items out of the way.

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The Living Room

If you have quite a large living room then you’re probably lucky enough to own plenty of shelving and bookcases which solves most of your storage dilemmas. However, there are a few items which you might want to keep in your living room that can be a bit trickier to store. This brings us onto the ninth and tenth ways to best use clear storage boxes within the living room:

9) CD’s and DVD’s

10) Electronics

Although a bit outdated now, you still probably want to store your CD and DVD collections, whether for convenience if your computer or phone isn’t to hand, or whether to refer back to as mementos. Use a clear plastic storage box and you can stack your CD’s and DVD’s away in a cupboard and still be able to access them with ease.

Electronics and gaming is another useful item for storing in boxes. Those pesky wires and game consoles can often end up all over the place, so why not store all excess electronics away in a box instead?

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The Garage

Most of us will happily admit that our garage is home to a lot of junk and the place to put things which don’t really have a place, which is fine as in most cases those items aren’t usually something which you need that often. When you do come to use it though, do you find you trip over everything? Or have to re-arrange your garage just to get to that one box at the back? Being ideal for the damp and cold conditions of the garage, the Airtight Clear Plastic Storage Box will keep your contents clean and dry and keep air and moisture out.

To help get you organised, these are our top five ways of using the clear plastic storage box within the garage:

11) Tools

12) Toys

13) Archive Schoolwork/Paperwork/Books/Magazines

14) Keepsakes

15) Christmas Decorations

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The Garden Shed

If you need some motivation for gardening then starting off by organising your garden shed will help inspire you. Sounds strange we know, but just hear us out...

Rather than putting gardening off because you don’t want to go rummaging through the shed for the right garden tools, having an organised shed will ensure you don’t waste time and instead get to enjoy more time in your garden.

The same goes with garden games and outdoor cushions and blankets. You’re more likely to want to use them and get them out more frequently if they’re accessible, rather than buried at the bottom of a pile of rubbish. The clear plastic boxes make great storage solutions for the following: 

16) Garden Tools

17) Outdoor Cushions and Blankets

18) Garden Games

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Camping is a great way of taking time out of a busy life schedule and reconnecting or spending quality time with family and friends. When organised properly and with the right equipment and preparation, camping can be really fun and memorable. In regards to camping storage, you need to think about weather conditions and accessibility. Clear storage boxes are great for the following three uses whilst camping:

19) Kitchen Essentials

20) Food and Drinks

21) Clothing and Blankets

It’s much easier to have all your kitchen essentials in one storage box which you can pack into the back of the car and hopefully not forget anything, as it’s all in one place. With the plastic storage boxes being waterproof, you can easily store food and drink in them as well which is perfect for those unpredictable summer showers. This goes the same for spare clothing and blankets, as you want to keep these dry and protected for when you need to layer up on chilly evenings.

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When it comes to marine storage, waterproof is all that matters. When you’re out on the water or near the water, you want something that is going to protect your contents from any water damage. The clear storage box is ideal because it’s made from heavy-duty polypropylene; a resilient material that makes the box more durable and robust, yet lightweight when empty. This makes it ideal for outdoor storage uses for the following: 

22) Activity Supplies

23) Food and Drink

24) Electronics

25) Documents

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