4 Benefits of Plastic Containers for Food Safety

Plastic is widely used for food storage and packaging applications due to its versatility and product excellence:

Indispensable and Practical

Plastic food storage containers have become indispensable in homes and even in food manufacturing industries – due to the protection they provide.

Enclosed plastic food containers, like our food catering bins, provide a ‘shelled’ physical protection against external harmful elements. In the same way a nutshell protects its contents, these airtight plastic containers keep their contents clean, dry and fresh.

Clear Plastic Storage Food Catering Bin

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Other than protection, plastic containers are also great for:

  • Preserving food products
  • An environmentally-friendly way to dispose of food waste
  • Reducing costs and resources for food storage

Keeps Food Fresh and Long-Lasting

When it comes to fresh fruit and vegetable produce, our ventilated Euro Plastic Containers make the perfect storage! With drop on lids that help minimise food loss during post-harvest and process procedures, the contents will be kept garden-fresh and safe when in transit.

ventilated Euro Plastic Containers

Available in various sizes, our extensive range of ventilated Euro Plastic Containers guarantees a viable solution for all your food packing and storage requirements.

Food Storage Convenience

Plastic containers are a win-win solution for all kinds of food storage dilemmas – as they are great value for money and utterly convenient to use. Lightweight, damage-resistant, flexible, hygienic and innovative; plastic storage has it all!


More than being a mere food storage solution, Solent Plastics’ food containers can also reliably store electronics, gadgets, cosmetics and other items.


Airtight clear plastic containers make it easy to view their contents, which is especially helpful when storing a variety of foodstuffs in large quantities.

Clear Plastic Storage Box

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Reusable and Recyclable                       

To avoid wasting this long-lasting material, the continual recycling and reuse of plastic is the wisest choice to make – and something that we would strongly recommend.

There are many ways to recycle or reuse this invaluable material. It can be broken down to create newer raw materials for different plastic products or it can more easily be reused for other applications. The overall value of plastic recycling continues to evolve.

They continue to be in great demand worldwide and with a magnitude of uses and benefits - especially for food storage, handling, packaging, etc. - one thing’s for sure; you can never go wrong with Solent Plastics’ range of plastic containers.