5 Camping Gear Storage Considerations

Camping is often an off the cuff excursion that can be a very impulsive, last minute decision. So, you’ve decided to face the elements by venturing into the great outdoors but… you can’t find all your camping equipment. How frustrating!

Camping kind of loses its edge a little when it becomes more of a seek and find mission – trying to locate all the necessities. With that in mind, we would like to share some smart tips that will help you to organise and store your camping essentials efficiently:

Keep your camping gear clean and dry

All too often, unpleasant odours waft from equipment that has been stored uncleaned and wet – bacteria, mould and mildew tend to accumulate in wet and dirty items.

Before you store your camping equipment, always take the time to give it a thorough clean. Dry your tents, tarps, raingear and sleeping bags before folding them and pack dryer sheets in between to keep equipment as fresh as possible.

Utilise storage that can be transported

Use storage boxes that not only protect your camping essentials from dust and dirt, they also secure everything as it is being transported.

large scuba box

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Ideal for storing camping gear, our scuba plastic storage boxes are equipped with durable lids to provide both the convenience of storing your items and the ease of transporting them. Designed to be stackable, this is a great way to save even more space when they are stored.

Use smaller storage for smaller items

Storing all your camping gear in a single storage container, without division, is a big no-no – this will only make it harder for you to find items when you need them, particularly the smaller ones. It also exposes your fragile camping essentials to improper storage conditions.

Instead of mixing everything in one big box, try using smaller storage containers to accommodate your smaller items – then put them together and store them all in one larger container. This way, both your large items and small equipment are protected, making it easier to look for specific items.


clear scuba box

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While transparent plastic storage boxes with lids make it easy enough to locate your requirements, labelling them can make things even easier.

Label your containers using markers, self-sticking labels or luggage tags. You can also laminate paper and stick your homemade waterproof labels onto the boxes.

Choose a dedicated storage space

Secure all your camping gear in a single dedicated storage space where it is easily accessible.

Solent Plastics supplies durable plastic storage solutions in various sizes and for a plethora of uses.

So, are we ready for the off…? Oh no, it’s just started to pour it down with rain. Maybe we should go camping next weekend instead!