5 Functional Must-Have Home and Office Storage Products

It’s quite easy to get lost browsing the WIDE range of Solent Plastics’ storage solutions. Our products are often regarded as being purely for industrial use but we’d like to think we have the perfect plastic storage solution for almost anything!

Drawer Towers

We all have an abundance of items at home – clothes, bedding, documents… you name it! So, where do you store everything?

We recommend: Made from tough polypropylene, our robust Hercules Drawer Storage Units have five large transparent drawers – they are the ultimate multipurpose storage solution!

Shelving Units

Now you’ve packed everything neatly away into one of our versatile little storage numbers; where do you go from there? 

We recommend: With metal reinforced shelves that provide added strength, our Extra Wide and Extra Deep Heavy Duty Solid Plastic Shelving Units can efficiently shelve all of your plastic storage boxes – while keeping quality and style in check.

Cupboard Garden Lockers

Tall cabinets offer great modular storage to accommodate all your outdoor living paraphernalia. They also make ideal locker cabinets in office spaces – great for all your office equipment. 

We recommend: The perfect storage alternative for the home or in the office, the Titan High Tall Cabinet is water-resistant. With four adjustable shelves and an assisted opening / closing system, it can withstand whatever the elements may throw at it.

Plastic Storage Bins

I’ve always said you can never have too many storage bins!

We recommend: As the name might imply, the Open Fronted Stacking Nesting Plastic Storage Bins display their contents, allowing easy access and great visibility. With a unique design that features ventilated sides, a reinforced honeycomb base and side handles, they are so easy to handle.

Waste Bins

Things can be so much easier when you get some sort of order into your life.

We recommend: Enjoy a clutter-free workplace with our Swingbin Plastic Waste Rubbish Bins! Commonly used as waste bins in office establishments, they can also be used for sports equipment in homes or schools. Available in five different colours –segregation and recycling has never been easier.

For the ultimate in practicality and design you need our plastic storage boxes! Call us today on 01794 514478 and start getting yourself more organised!