5 Popular Solent Plastics Products for Your Home

With all the things you need to clean and organise within your home and garden, you never know when extra storage might come in handy. Be prepared and equip your home with the perfect storage solutions... you’ll begin to wonder how you ever managed without them!

Solent Plastics’ products are robust and lightweight, making them the perfect additional storage facilities for your home:

#1: Solid Plastic Shelving Unit

Buy it here: Heavy Duty 5 Tier Solid Plastic Shelving Unit - 55kg/shelf

An ideal garage shelf suitable for multiple storage use, this Solid Plastic Shelving Unit can be easily assembled up to five tiers high. Strong and durable, this shelf can capacitate up to 55 kg – a good all round storage choice.

#2: Plastic Waste Rubbish Bin

Buy it here: 50 Litre Square Swingbin Plastic Waste Rubbish Bin with Lid

This colour coded, plastic rubbish bin will enable you to organise your recyclable waste. More than a waste bin, it can also be used to store sport’s equipment – perfect for hockey sticks and golf clubs.

#3: Portable Euro Plastic Storage Box

Buy it here: Magnus 14.9 Ltr Portable Euro Plastic Storage Box with Carry Handle

Organise your pliers, screwdrivers and wrenches in this portable euro plastic storage box. A cheaper alternative to metal boxes, your tools and equipment will be readily available as and when you need them.

#4: Airtight Plastic Buckets

Buy them here: 1 Ltr Heavy Duty Airtight Catering / Mixing Plastic Buckets

This heavy duty, airtight plastic bucket is approved for food and catering – good for transporting your catering products. Made of robust materials, the airtight lid and comfort carrying handle contribute to the many features that make it the perfect option for many applications.

#5: Airtight Clear Plastic Storage Box

Buy it here: 44 Ltr Large Iris Weathertight / Airtight Clear Plastic Storage Box

Available in 4 sizes, this is the only clear airtight storage box in the UK. As a durable and protective storage solution, its transparency affords easy management benefits.

It really is no mystery why these products are so popular. With the emphasis on practicality, they are quite simply storage solutions that ooze quality and style. With cost-effective and efficient solutions as standard, Solent Plastics will help you to put the lid on all your storage dilemmas.