6 Helpful Tips for Heavy Load Lifting

Regular deliveries are commonplace across various industries and in residential areas. If you are required to do a lot of heavy lifting, either at work or within the home, then this one’s for you!

These techniques should always be applied when lifting heavy objects… but Solent Plastics’ storage products can also help to lighten your load:

Tip #1: Plan It

Don’t go lifting things around on a whim. Ensure that there is sufficient space and a clear path to where you are going to store the items - to avoid any mishaps while you’re on the move.

Tip #2: Lift Safely

The saying, “two trips are for the weak” is a myth. Stack or carry only what you can manage. Remember to use your knees and hips during the lift and keep the pressure off your back.

Tip #3: Hug it Tight

Hugging the items tight will help spread the weight across your entire body. Using only your hands to carry things will put a lot of strain on your arms and wear you out quicker.

Tip #4: Go Slow and Steady

Try to stay upright when lifting in a slow and steady process and avoid flexing your back and sides. If the weight is too great, always look for support from things like trolleys, dollies and platform trucks.

Tip #5: Tie Them Up

Avoid dropping things on the floor by properly strapping and fastening storage boxes with elastic cords, clamps or thick plastic wires. Tie the boxes to secure their contents before moving them.

We recommend:

Solent Plastics’ Buffalo Mobile Wheeled Storage Trunk is ideal for lifting and moving purposes. Equipped with 4 large wheels and moulded hand grips... the job will be done twice as quick but with half the effort!

Tip #6: Size up Your Lifts

Realistically measure how heavy you are going to lift. The ideal weight limits are 25kg for men and 16kg for women. Reduce the weight within the storage boxes if they feel unbalanced or if the contents go above shoulder height.

We recommend:

Our 30 Litre Vulcano Industrial Plastic Storage Boxes are lightweight, yet sturdy enough to protect your contents.

Don’t be a workplace injury statistic! Solent Plastics’ plastic storage boxes  can help take the weight off your shoulders!