7 of the best food conservation tips

Plastic boxes are the ideal containers for a wide range of perishables. Use them to store cereals, pasta and different types of fresh food and you will preserve the life of the foodstuff and maintain a healthy kitchen environment at the same time.

As well as using plastic boxes there are a number of other ways to store food and prevent it from perishing, we have a few suggestions for you at Solent Plastics, try these effective kitchen conservation tips.  

1.)  Write a shopping list and stick to it

 Never shop on a whim.  Write a list of the foodstuff you actually need and stick to it, work our meals in advance so you know the food you buy isn’t going to be wasted.

2.)  Don’t go shopping when you are hungry

Shop on an empty tummy and you’ll be tempted to buy extra goods. Most of these items will be wasted so eat something before you head off to the supermarket and just buy the bare essentials.

3.)  Rotate food

Place newer food items at the back of cupboards/fridges and older produce near the front. Use up items that have been stored for a few days and place goods that will last longer nearer the back.

4.)  Check use by dates

Keep checking produce you are storing for use by dates. If you open ketchup bottles, sauce bottles etc and it says on the labelling ‘refrigerate and consume within...’  followed by a set amount of time, write the date down when you opened the bottle and you’ll know when it’s got to be eaten by.

5.)  Cook less

Become a little savvier when you are cooking. Follow recipes to the letter and only make enough food for the amount of people that will be eating it. Try to avoid making more than you need.

6.)  Use up leftovers

If you find you have accidently made too much food think about how you are going to use the leftovers. You could make a curry or a broth from leftover chicken for example or place uneaten pasta into a plastic container and take it to work for lunch the next day.   

7.)  Freeze them if necessary

Made too much chilli-con-carne or gone a little crazy with the roast potatoes for Sunday lunch? Freeze them!  Pop them into food bags or store them inside plastic containers and pop them into your freezer. Today’s leftovers could make a tasty meal next week.

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