7 items to pack in a portable tool box

Our tool box, tool storage and carry case solutions offer protection, durability and peace of mind. They’re safe, dependable and provide you with a practical tool carrying solution wherever you go and whatever projects you have to complete.

Build a tool box from scratch and this puts you in a powerful position, you have all those house-fix items in one place and there’s no hunting around the home trying to find the right tool for the task.

As long as you have access to the items on this list your tool box will be good to go and you’ll be ready to finish off all those DIY chores.

1. Hammer

Pop a claw hammer inside your tool box and knock in nails, hang pictures and fit shelves, or tap pins into the back of flat-pack panels instead. Claw hammers are useful for pulling bent nails too, which is handy if your DIY skills aren’t up to scratch.

2. Tape measure

Most DIY chores require a tape measure. Whether you are remodelling your dining room and measuring up new furniture or checking the width of wood for decking projects a trusty tape measure will give you accurate sizes each and every time.

3. Screwdriver set

Add a mixture of screwdrivers to your tool kit. Flat nosed and positive drivers are going to be used at some point, whether you are changing a 13 amp plug or tightening up hinges that have somehow worked their way lose.

4. Pliers

Use a pair of pliers to grip or cut cables. Needle nosed options are good if you are working in tight spaces, they reach parts other pliers cannot reach!   

5. Spirit level

Don’t attempt to hang a shelf without using a spirit level. Even if you measure the wall carefully using a tape measure there’s no way for sure you’ll know a picture is straight without a level to guide you through. 

6. Power drill

A portable power drill makes light work of heavy tasks. Use a cordless version to drill holes in walls, add a screwdriver attachment and it makes it easier to screw or unscrew fasteners from the wall.

7. Utility knife

Finally add a utility knife to the portable tool box and slice, cut or dice with ease. Stanley makes a good one. Be extra careful with the blade though. Treat it without care and it could cause an injury.

There you go, add these items to any of the tool boxes from Solent Plastics and make DIY tasks a breeze.