A Guide on Taking Delivery of your Plastic Storage Goods

We are the plastic storage specialists and a large part of Solent Plastics’ products and services depend on fast delivery nationwide and worldwide. We want you to receive your plastic storage products exactly as you envisaged them – and it’s as simple as that!

To ensure that all goods are procured, this guide will help you manage your deliveries quickly, safely and effectively.

Purchasing Your Orders

Solent Plastics has a tried and tested system that can be used to purchase orders online. Simply place your order on the website and our Customer Service team will give you a confirmation call as soon as possible.

During the call, we follow standard order protocol; such as detailing the invoice, delivery address and other necessary information. We also clarify further concerns and enquiries before finalising the orders.

Taking Delivery

Upon receipt of your order, we will provide you with an expected delivery date. You can ask your family, friends or staff to help receive your goods – especially if you are ordering large plastic trunks and boxes.

Damaged Goods upon Delivery

Always check the condition of your plastic products upon delivery. Should there be any damage or anything else that you are not happy about, you can always refuse the delivery – or accept it, then make the delivery driver aware of the goods’ condition via the delivery paperwork.

You can always call Solent Plastics if you encounter any problems with your order - it is important that you acknowledge any damage immediately. We will be more than happy to replace any items that fall short of your expectations!

Quantity and Quality Discrepancies

Plastic Containers

It is easy to receive low volumes; but when you have hundreds of products to check, that can become a bit of a nightmare. 

If you sign the delivery note, ‘Unchecked’, this will give you the opportunity to claim at a later date if the incorrect quantity has been delivered. This will also give you extra time to check for any possible delivery faults and report them back to us.

When it comes to the quality of your plastic storage products, you can always check right away if they measure up to the description on the website. Solent Plastics can refund your money or find a replacement if we fail to meet the specifications of your plastic storage needs.

Storing Deliveries

So, you have received your plastic boxes and everything with your order is tickety-boo… but it doesn’t end there! Store your plastic storage boxes appropriately to avoid accidents – do not obstruct common walkways. As much as anything else, storing your plastic storage boxes properly will ensure that they stay in tiptop condition.

Solent Plastics is totally dedicated to the safe delivery of your plastic containers and other associated products. Call us on 01794 514478 and we’ll get the perfect plastic storage solution delivered right to your door! Customer satisfaction and product supremacy is all part of the Solent Plastics’ service!