A Guide to Solent Plastic' Plastic Container Range

Our diverse range of plastic containers is a common sight in different industries. In fact, these clever little storage solutions have proved their worth in many business operations - particularly in warehouses and distribution. This is proof indeed that our containers have been designed with superior quality and efficiency in mind.

To help you identify the range that best suits your needs, here is a quick guide to our plastic containers:

Stack / Nest Plastic Containers

Suggested area of use: Delivery vehicles, return transport, warehouses

Ideally used as: Stock/parts storage, shelf bin, distribution

While all our plastic containers can be stacked, this particular range incorporates extra features. Reversible, they require a simple 180º rotation to enable them to be stacked when full and nested when empty. We also have industrial containers that have strong reinforced bale arms for maximum security, even when they are loaded to capacity.

Euro Plastic Containers

Suggested area of use: Warehouses, home garages, automated conveyors

Ideally used in: Product distributions, warehouse organisations

Our Euro containers aren’t limited to the standard range – we also offer ventilated and colour coded alternatives. Made for high loading capacities of up to 60kg per box, these containers are the perfect choice for palletisation.

Order Picking Containers

Suggested area of use: Bakeries, online retailers, automotive and garment industries

Ideally used as: Racking replacement, temporary and seasonal storage, picking container

The order picking process just got a lot easier with our fully functional containers! This range offers easy content identification, filling and re-stocking - with a convenient wide front opening and a great variety of designs. 

Bulk Storage Containers / Pallet Boxes

Suggested area of use: Warehouses and transport

Ideally used as: Storage bin, parts storage, waste management

Offering the largest stocks and the cheapest prices in the UK, our bulk storage containers and pallet boxes are extremely robust and scratch resistant. With a loading capacity of up to 900 litres, they are ideal for bulky items. Their secured stacking feature that can extend as high as 6 feet affords great space saving opportunities. 

Attached Lid Containers

Suggested area of use: Warehouses, events, garages, logistics

Ideally used as: Storage during home or office removals and retail multi-drop distributions

Constructed from resilient materials such as high density polyethylene and heavy duty plastic, these containers are sturdy by nature and highly resistant to extreme temperatures and humidity - attached lids also serve as an added level of protection for all your products.

We value our clients and we strive to exceed their businesses’ storage expectations. Got any enquiries…? Give us a call on 01794 514478 and we will be happy to advise you further!

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