A Guide to Solent Plastics' Plastic Storage Box Range

Our plastic storage boxes have already proven their worth as the ultimate storage solution in different fields. Being the first ever supplier of the popular ‘Really Useful Boxes’ range we have expanded our offers from a simple home essential to a vital storage requirement in offices, schools and even the marine industry. 

If you feel a little lost in our extensive plastic storage box collection, we have rounded up some key points to help you distinguish which alternative would best suit your needs.

Plastic Storage Boxes: Where do we use them?

Our plastic storage products include various shapes, sizes and formats – pallets, industrial storage boxes, euro stacking containers, etc. Plastic storage boxes include airtight and water-resistant solutions which are flexible enough to be used in areas such as:


Airtight storage boxes guarantee that everything is kept clean and tidy and free from dirt, dust and moisture.


Plastic storage boxes are made from heavy duty, yet lightweight materials that are safe for stacking; making organising school materials so much easier. Safe stacking also means that our plastic storage boxes are suitable for children.

Marine Applications

Water-resistant plastic storage boxes perfectly suit marine applications because daily work essentials such as GPS, safety gear and emergency items can be sealed securely in accessible storage facilities.

Our Plastic Storage Box Range

Our wide range of plastic storage boxes might be overwhelming, so here is a quick overview of their most appropriate uses:

Airtight Storage Boxes 

Key features: Airtight, water resistant, reinforced lid

Suggested area of use: Homes (attic, cellar or shed)

Ideally a storage box for: Toys, clothes, electronic devices, documents

Owning at least one airtight plastic storage box in your home will allow you to keep your valuables safe and secured. 

Schools & Classroom Storage Boxes

Key features: Could be static or mobile; wide range of box depths and colour choices

Suggested area of use: Schools (classrooms, departments, school administrative offices)

Ideally a storage box for: Learning materials, office documents

Ranging from playful colours and different sizes, our dedicated range of plastic storage boxes for school use allows both students and teachers to be organised. The trays also stop in an angled open position to prevent the trays from falling out of the rack.

Water Resistant Storage Trunks

Key features: Water-resistant, weatherproof, padlockable

Suggested area of use: Outdoors (marine industry, boat decks, damp areas at home)

Ideally a storage box for: Emergency items, safety gear, fishing items, camping supplies

Our water-resistant plastic storage box range is perfect for outdoor pursuits – large storage to accommodate your equipment and tough enough to resist the elements. 

Really Useful Clear Plastic Storage Boxes

Key features: Clip lock handles, reinforced base

Suggested area of use: Homes and offices

Ideally a storage box for: Cards, accessories, craft items, stationery

Available in small to large sizes, these storage boxes can be placed above tables, under the bed or in kitchen cabinets. The clear food grade recyclable polypropylene construction makes locating your items easier.

Big Storage Boxes & Large Plastic Trunks

Key features: Economic storage, stackable, lidded, choice of wheels and handles

Suggested area of use: Outdoors (garage, warehouses, garden, boats)

Ideally a storage box for: Boat equipment, construction materials, gardening tools, transporting items

With a huge capacity, our good quality storage boxes and large plastic trunks afford great value for money. The incredible capacity can effectively protect all your items – and they are affordable!

Are you looking for the perfect storage solution…? Solent Plastics!