A New Year's Resolution: A Cleaner, Tidier You!

Most of us set ourselves New Year resolutions once the Christmas festivities have ended. The general theme of most resolutions seems to be "new year, new you", but try going a step further and endeavour to become a cleaner, tidier you! Get rid of the clutter of the old year and streamline your life.


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This can include everything from cleaning your bedroom, your whole house, your car, the streets where you live or local beaches. You don't have to limit yourself to one task - your New Year resolution can help your local community too.

It's all about setting yourself tasks and having a goal to get the jobs complete. Read on for some ideas on New Year clean-ups that you can tackle...

Cleaning your home

Perhaps the most obvious task is cleaning up after the party season over Christmas and New Year. If you've hosted a party at your home, it may be in need of a serious clean-up!

First thing's first: if you've left any food out overnight, it will have been tainted by harmful bacteria and won't be fit to eat. If you wish to save any food, you must refrigerate it immediately after the party in a suitable storage container.

Similarly with drinks, if you're planning to save half-drunk bottles of wine, put the cork back in and put some clingfilm over the top to keep air out of the bottle and keep the wine fresh.

Deal with urgent matters first, such as spillage or stains on your carpets and upholstery. If a stain is left too long, it will be more difficult to move and may be there permanently.

Collect any rubbish from your house, such as empty bottles and cans, making sure you recycle your waste. Check with your local council what can be recycled and separate your waste accordingly.

The rest of the cleaning involves using some good, old-fashioned elbow grease - so put on your rubber gloves and get cracking. Let’s get the house spick and span to start the year ahead!

Tidying the garden

Once the festive season has ended, many people's thoughts turn to tidying the garden ready for spring - it might well have started to look tatty and tired, with overgrown hedges and bushes, last year's dead flowers lying limply in the soil and weeds everywhere.

Time to get out your gardening tools from storage and blitz that garden! Working in the fresh air will help blow the cobwebs away if you've over-indulged over Christmas. It will also be worth it when you look outside at your tidy garden.

Beach clean-up

If you're feeling really energetic, why not do something for the local community and the environment by joining in a beach clean-up? Every year, thousands of volunteers join in the Marine Conservation Society's Beachwatch beach clean.

Simply check out the society's website to find an event near you and then sign up to take part. Events take place all over the UK, so it's also a great chance to meet like-minded people and you can have fun while doing your bit to help the environment.

Make sure you wrap up warm, keeping your clothing and any valuables, such as jewellery or your mobile phone, in waterproof storage containers while you work - to avoid disasters!

The only limit as to how far you take your New Year's resolution is your own imagination! If you're planning a cleaner, tidier you for the New Year, don't take on too much, or you may get disheartened. Everyone leads a busy life, so tackle as much as you know you can manage and there's a good chance you will reach your goals.

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