All You Need to Know about Our Plastic Pallet Boxes

Heavy duty plastic pallet boxes have always been a reliable storage means for many industries. Recognised as containers that are especially made for heavier items, they can make any industrial storage and distribution process much easier and more secure.

Known for being a flexible solution, these containers are widely used in the automotive, food processing, manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries, among others.

Why Choose Pallet Boxes?

  • They are Extremely Robust

           Pallet boxes are manufactured from industrial strength, high-density polyethylene — a highly durable material that can withstand high temperatures and extreme conditions. This ensures that they are beneficial for long term use.  

  • They are Stackable

          Designed to be stacked securely up to six feet high, these containers can help save more space in your warehouse or even while in transit! 

  • They have Fork Entries

          The containers' four feet at the base can be used for easy access and manoeuvrability, with the use of forklifts, pumps or pallet trucks.

Our Pallet Box Offers

Offering the cheapest and largest stock of plastic pallet boxes in the UK, our wide range includes:

Euro Size Pallet Boxes

Our standard Euro size pallet boxes range from 535-litres to 900-litres.

Collapsible Pallet Boxes

As if by magic, folding Euro pallet boxes can be folded and unfolded in a matter of seconds—saving a lot of space when they are in transit or not in use. With side opening flaps on each side, this makes loading and unloading much easier.

ECO Recycled Pallet Boxes 

For containers that offer comparable strength and quality at a more budget-friendly price, our brand new ECO recycled bulk storage containers are a win/win solution. Made from recycled materials, they are environmentally friendly and suitable for any non-food contents.

Useful Extras 

To make the most of your containers, why not consider these add-ons:

Plastic Pallets

For quicker and easier handling, we offer three pallet variations that are all suitable for static or mobile storage for ground, transportation or warehousing.

Drop-on Lids

Drop on lids can also be added for further security - ideally used for items that are exposed to outside conditions.

Swivel Castors

For added mobility, our swivel castors will make things so much easier.

These ultra-helpful plastic pallet boxes are available from the ultra-helpful plastic pallet box specialists! Please call Solent Plastics on 01794 514478… we have a plastic storage solution for almost everything!