Alternative Uses for Plastic Storage Boxes

If you have plastic storage boxes in your home, you are open to a world of possibilities. Instead of spending money on expensive products with specific uses, why not opt for the easy-to-do, cheaper alternatives?

If you have plastic storage boxes that are worn out and ready to be thrown out, first consider how you could put them to good use. Here are some ideas:

Worm Compost Bin

worm compost bin

If you’ve given some thought to creating your own compost, produce your own using a DIY worm compost bin made from an old plastic container. As a cost-effective solution to dispose of your organic waste, you can produce home-grown compost for your plants. For your very own DIY compost bin, simply take a dark-coloured plastic storage box and a drill.

Litter Tray

plastic box litter tray

Since a litter tray is a vital need for pets, it should be tailored to their utmost comfort. Use plastic storage boxes with lids and create a hole at one end that will serve as the opening.

Whelping Warm Box

whelping box

Plastic storage boxes can be transformed into the perfect whelping boxes by adding old towels in the bottom. This will make a comfortable nest for newly born puppies!

Gardening Pot

plastic gardening pot

Even if you have limited space, you can still enjoy gardening with the help of plastic storage boxes. Neat and inexpensive, you can grow fruits and vegetables in the most convenient way.

If you thought that plastic storage boxes were only useful for storage purposes, we hope we have made you think again. With numerous alternative uses, plastic storage boxes are exceptionally good value for money!