Attached Lid Plastic Storage Boxes: Storage with Additional Protection

Any time you need an effective and secure storage solution, plastic storage boxes with lids won’t let you down. Our range of lidded storage boxes is invaluable to industries that require extra protection or that entail shipping goods or distribution operations.

Lidded Storage Box Benefits

  • Efficient Storage Support - with attached interlocking lids that are designed not just to secure you items but also to protect them against environmental effects, this makes them suitable for residential, commercial and industrial applications. 

  • Made to be Stackable - our storage boxes with lids can be stacked one inside the other, thus freeing up more storage space.

  • Different Sizes to Choose from - our lidded boxes are available in 4 to 165 litre options. 

Our Attached Lid Plastic Storage Boxes Range

AUER Attached Lid Boxes

One of our largest and best value ranges, the AUER attached lid tote allows you to save more money compared with other alternatives on the market. The recess on the lid of this range facilitates high stacking; keeping your items safe even while on the move. 

Recycled Black Attached Lid Boxes

The recycled black box comes in at the lowest price in our attached lid range.  Manufactured from reground materials, it is a more economical solution for businesses across different industries.

Coloured Attached Lid Containers

Having problems locating your items during deliveries? Available in red, blue, green, grey and purple, our coloured totes will surely make sorting and identifying a lot easier

Curtec UN Approved Lidded Containers

For hazardous goods that need the utmost protection when in transit, these lidded crates are the perfect option. Manufactured and tested to meet the extreme UN packaging regulations, these plastic boxes are 101% reliable in any eventuality.

Oh, before I forget to mention it; we are the ONLY UK distributor of these unique boxes!

With a full range of sizes, durable designs and convenient features our plastic storage boxes with lids should be your number one choice! Just phone us today on 01794 514478 for further assistance.