Bedroom Plastic Storage Must-Haves

Organising your bedroom can be an arduous task if you do not have appropriate storage facilities to start with. Solent Plastics provides a dedicated storage range for home use that also caters to your bedroom storage predicaments. Our high quality plastic storage boxes could well be the answer to all your prayers!

Turn a stressful chore into an easy and dare we say it, enjoyable clean-up session with our plastic storage box godsends:

Hercule Plastic Drawer Tower Storage Unit

Recommended Use: Clothing Cabinet

Rather like the man himself, Mr Hercule Poirot, our Hercule Drawer Tower will keep things tidy and organised. Serving as a cabinet for your commonly used attire, its large space can accommodate all your clothes, while the transparent feature will allow you to easily lay your hands on your items of choice.

Additional Tip: Separate your clothes by colour for easier identification. Hercule’s transparency makes it easy to locate the clothing you need without having to go through everything to find it.

Iris Airtight Plastic Storage Box

Recommended Use: Storage for Barely Used Clothes

Got any clothes that don’t fit or you barely wear? Keep them in our Iris Airtight Plastic Storage Boxes! Your seasonal clothes, gowns and costumes will be kept safe with the boxes' airtight feature.

Really Useful Storage Box Container

Recommended Use: Under-bed Storage

The space under your bed opens up a lot of storage opportunities. Perfect for shoes, board games, bedding – you name it and you can store it! Our ‘Really Useful’ range includes under bed storage boxes to maximise any limited space.

Additional tip: Buy multiple under bed plastic storage boxes and organise them according to content. 

0.3-Ltr Really Useful Plastic Storage Boxes

Recommended Use: Accessory Holder

Your accessories may be little but they do cause a lot of mess when left unorganised. Our 0.3-Ltr Really Useful Plastic Storage Boxes are specially made to hold small items like jewellery, make-up and hair accessories.

Additional Tip: Buy several small plastic storage boxes and sort them by accessory type. You could also consider buying larger plastic storage boxes that include divider trays.

Keeping your bedroom organised can help a lot in setting your mood - remember, it is where you start and end your day!