Big Boxes Range: Strong Capacity Boxes for Different Industries

As plastic storage specialists in the UK, we are proud to say that we have learned to adapt with the world’s ever changing storage requirements — with an entire range of resilient big boxes, we can offer you total efficiency at great value for money.

Popular Industries of Use

Our range has already proved its worth, with a prominent existence in many different industries - both nationwide and worldwide! Here are just some of the many industries that have come to rely on our products:

Ministry of Defence

With the presence of a hostile environment in the military comes the need for tough storage boxes. Our big boxes are sturdy enough to be stocked with large volumes – and can withstand even the harshest conditions!


Some boxes in the range are made to be water and weather-resistant; making them suitable for marine applications. They can serve as deck boxes, fishing boxes, storage for diving gear, etc.


For a large volume of goods that needs to be shipped securely, we have a range of boxes that affords additional protection –  double walls, padlockable lids and impact-resistance.


We also understand how homes are in need of large storage boxes — be it for temporary storage in the attic or an outside storage solution for your garden or garage. Our light, stylish and clear storage boxes might be just what you need to declutter your home!

Get to Know Our Big Boxes and Large Storage Trunk Range

Water-Resistant Storage Boxes

From left to right: Buffalo Boxes, TIGABOXES, Scuba Boxes

  • Buffalo Boxes - available in 75-ltr and 145-ltr capacity alternatives; Buffalo Boxes are tough, large storage trunks that are perfect for all those bulky storage requirements. These boxes also have four large wheels, making them easy to transport.
  • Scuba Boxes - if you prefer more flexible storage, our Scuba Boxes can provide multi-purpose storage for different uses. With an airtight feature that resists not just water but also dust, this will prevent damage to the contents.
  • TIGABOXES - the ideal storage alternative for shipping goods, these boxes are specially designed to protect items that are being transported onshore or offshore. TIGABOXES are available in 98-ltr, 132-ltr and 172-ltr capacities.

Gorilla Storage Boxes

Manufactured from recycled material, our Gorilla Storage Boxes are a common sight in rugged environments – used by the British Troops in Afghanistan. This tough large storage box can hold up to 92 litres of military equipment or it can serve as a safekeeping for the troops’ personal belongings. 

Clear Plastic Storage Boxes

For seasonal clothes, barely used bedding or garden items, our large clear plastic storage boxes are the perfect solution; as they allow for easy viewing of the contents!

When size really does matter, our big plastic storage boxes might just be the answer.  Give us a call on 01794 514478 for more information on our man size storage solutions.