Breaking the Plastic Food Storage Container Stigma

To help clear up any health and safety concerns, the information from the European Food Safety Authority’s recent large-scale risk assessment of food contact materials will further endorse the validity of Solent Plastics’ food storage containers.

What Makes Plastic Bad for your Health?

It is not the plastic container in itself that is potentially bad for the health but more the chemicals in the materials that it is made from. Some plastic products that contain bisphenol A or BPA and other additives are a concern to health authorities and other food and drug organisations.

BPA mimics the hormone oestrogen in the body and causes a number of health problems, such as altered functions of reproductive organs, obesity and more.

Why it is Safe to Use

According to EFSA and the Food Safety Agency’s recent re-evaluation, a small amount of BPA exposure, which is 4 micrograms per kilogram of bodyweight per day (the tolerable daily intake or ‘TDI’), does not pose health risks to general consumers.

When it comes to exposure levels, it refers to the combination of sources such as diet, dust, cosmetics and thermal paper.

What is In Solent Plastics’ Food Storage Containers?

The best news…? Solent Plastics’ storage food containers DO NOT contain any BPA!

Our range of catering and plastic food storage containers are made solely from heavy-duty and robust food grade polyethylene plastic. Food and beverages will remain safe for consumption, even if the plastic containers undergo different operating temperature ranges.  The smooth inside also assures easy cleaning – making food storage safe and hygienic.

Solent Plastics always thinks about our customers’ wellbeing before anything else – so our plastic containers do not go unchecked before they are delivered to your home! Please don’t hesitate to call us on 01794 514478 and we will talk you through our range of safe and useful containers.