Children's Christmas Crafts

Christmas is a great time for making handmade decorations and gifts. Helping children to produce Christmas craft items can be a wonderful way of enjoying a family activity together. Many schools also encourage pupils to make some beautiful festive decorations to take home and enjoy during the holiday.

Most crafts are simple and don't require any special tools or skills, so it really is something that everyone can enjoy. All it takes is a little patience and a few basic supplies to create useful and pretty items that will enhance that festive feeling as the big day approaches!

Cut out snowflake

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Christmas wreath

A personalised Christmas wreath is easy and inexpensive to make and it’s a great homemade gift to delight the grandparents. This is a simple decoration and depending on the age and abilities of the children, it can be completed in one or two hours.

You will need a circular wreath form made of cardboard - cut from an empty cereal box, or you could use a paper plate. You'll also need lots of green tissue paper squares, glue, a paint brush, a pencil with an eraser, ribbon and decorations of your choice, such as sequins or pom poms.

Using the paintbrush, spread glue on to a section of the wreath. It's easier to work on around one-sixth of the wreath at a time. Push and shape each square of tissue paper on to the glue, using the eraser end of the pencil, to make risen shapes that resemble leaves or petals.

Continue to work through each section until the whole wreath is covered with the green tissue paper, then add the ribbon to hang it up. If you wish to have a classic green wreath, then it's complete, otherwise you can glue on embellishments, such as red pom poms to resemble holly berries, sequins for sparkle, or cotton wool for snow.

Beaded snowflake ornaments

Although they look very elegant and beautiful, beaded snowflake ornaments are pretty easy to make, requiring only a few basic supplies. They can be used as tree decorations or hung on doors or interior walls. Younger children may need a little help from an adult to finish them off!

The essential materials are wire snowflake forms, which can be bought online from sites such as Amazon, or from craft shops. You will also need an assortment of beads, needle-nose pliers and some ribbon to hang your snowflakes up. Make sure the holes in the beads are big enough for the wire to fit through.

Put the beads on one prong of the wire snowflake base. Leave around half an inch at the end and secure the wire with the pliers by bending it back on itself, so the beads can't slip off. Repeat the procedure for every prong of the wire snowflake, until they are all beaded and secured. Insert ribbon through one of the loops to hang the snowflake up and you’re done!

They make a fantastic handmade gift for family members. They can also be attached to the top of presents, using double-sided sticky tape. Depending on how many you make, they can take a couple of hours to complete, or you could spend all day making enough to decorate your whole Christmas tree!

Pine cone Christmas trees

Make a whole avenue of miniature Christmas trees using natural pine cones! First, collect pine cones, which you can find on the floor near pine trees if you're lucky enough to live in a rural area, or near a wood. Failing this, you can buy them online from sites such as Amazon or eBay.

Using ordinary craft paint, paint the cones green, then mix up a bowl of plaster of paris, pop a blob on to a hard surface covered with a layer of wax paper and plant your miniature Christmas tree in it. Make sure the base sets properly before you move it – once set, it will look like snow.

Glue the ornaments of your choice, such as colourful beads or old necklaces, on to the trees to resemble Christmas tree baubles and decorations.

This is a very simple and quick way to make some lovely Christmas decorations that will make an ideal centrepiece for a table or can be used to decorate shelves or the mantelpiece.

If you’re anticipating making Christmas crafts with your class or even with the family at home, ensure you store the materials tidily. To keep everything in A1 condition, Solent Plastics' affordable range of classroom storage boxes is the perfect solution for all your craft essentials.