Colour Coded Plastic Storage Bins for Easier Organisation in Different Industries

Big or small, many industries consider plastic storage solutions a necessity - it is much easier to handle food, manage items and even segregate waste when you have an efficient colour coded system in place.

Solent Plastics offers different coloured plastic storage bins and boxes that are suitable for industries that need to follow an organised colour scheme. 


To comply with clinical regulations, the correct segregation of healthcare waste is vital. Solent Plastics’ round plastic storage bins are perfect for healthcare industry requirements – particularly in medical, dental and pharmaceutical fields. Our bins come in five different colours: natural, red, blue, yellow and green.

The colour guide for Healthcare Waste is:

  • Red: for anatomical wastes like blood preserves and blood bags
  • Yellow: contains highly infectious waste such as wipes, gloves, dressings and bandages
  • Blue: for waste medicines like blister packs, unopened medicine vials and bottle liquids


Ideal for the colour-coded separation of waste or for recycling in the office, our plastic storage bins and containers should be a staple in every workplace. 

Our colour coded swingbin waste rubbish bins feature:

  • Basic colours that allow simple source separation
  • An ergonomic design that is practical and suitable for any office environment
  • Smooth interiors that have no dirt traps

Food and Beverage

Restaurants and other food catering businesses maximise their food stocking and preparation efficiencies through a standard colour-coded scheme.

The colour guide is as follows:

  • Red: raw meat
  • Green: fruit and salad
  • White / Natural: dairy and bakery
  • Yellow: cooked meat
  • Blue: raw fish

Arts and Crafts

Contrary to popular belief, artists and craftsmen can be organised too and colour-coded plastic storage bins help them to keep their workstations tidy and functional!

We supply small parts storage bins that come in a bespoke selection of colours, shapes and sizes – making it easier to sort and locate supplies that are running low.

So many colour coded storage solutions, so little time! The list of industries that apply colour-coded themes for proper organisation goes on and on and on… you get the picture! For safe, convenient and organised storage… choose Solent Plastics of course. Please call 01794 514478 for more information.