Complete Your Preparations for the start of a new Academic Year with these Plastic Storage Boxes

The summer holidays are coming to an end and a new school year is looming just around the corner.  So, before the bell rings for the first time, make sure you are equipped with these resourceful plastic storage boxes to earn top marks:

Classroom Equipment Organiser

Suggested Product: Clear Power Box Storage Container Trunk

Untidy by nature, students can create classroom clutter in no time. These storage trunks can pretty much accommodate anything — from books and curriculum materials to art supplies and other student necessities! 

Library & School Administration Archives

Suggested Product: Clear Transparent UniBox

The answer to every librarian and admin assistant’s prayers our transparent UniBoxes will have things neatly filed away in no time. Made from clear plastic, finding a single file in a full stockpile has never been easier! They are also stackable; helping you to save more precious space.

Maintenance Cupboard

Suggested Product: Multi-Functional Splash Proof Outside Storage Cupboard

A clean environment will promote order within the entire school community – furthermore, tidy surroundings create a feeling of calm that is instrumental to the learning process. Our multi-functional cupboard is a compact storage unit that can help you to tidy away your most commonly used supplies; such as cleaning and gardening materials. The shelf can also be adjusted to various heights - making it perfect for items of different sizes!

Storage for Science and PE Equipment

Suggested Product: Collapsible Euro Plastic Stacking Container

With laboratory and sports equipment being widely used by students, the need for durable and resilient storage is undeniable. Assuring the utmost protection for your fragile lab equipment, this collapsible container can also double up as the extra storage space you require for your larger sports paraphernalia.

Since they can be folded and unfolded, these boxes can also help save up to 75% of the space — making them an ideal storage solution for school trips and deliveries.

Storage Bins for Utility / Storerooms

Suggested Product: Open Fronted Stack / Nest Plastic Box

These open fronted boxes will ensure that every item can have a storage bin all of its own - with an opening flap feature that will allow easy front access, even when stacked.

These invaluable plastic storage boxes are in a class of their own!