Create a clutter-free kitchen in simple steps

We have stacks of boxes at Solent Plastics to help clear the clutter from your kitchen. Whether you want to create your own recycling centre or simply struggle for storage, our products are designed with your home in mind. We’re fairly tidy at company HQ and like to think of innovative ways to clear clutter from our life. That being the case, we’re focusing on kitchen clutter in this blog and looking for solutions to help tidy up this important area of the home.

·         Ditch packaging – Start using storage containers instead of leaving packaging on display. One of the quickest ways to transform a kitchen counter is to pop produce inside matching containers instead of leaving them in loose packaging.

·         Organise space – How much room is wasted on your counter tops? Do you have appliances gathering dust on the top of your counters because they simply aren’t used enough? Find a space for them in a kitchen drawer. If you only use a sandwich toaster once a month, hide it away until you fancy a cheese and ham toastie.

·         Rearrange cabinets – Look at the practicality of your cabinets. Do they ‘work’ as they are or could you streamline your kitchen storage system? Have a spring clean, go through each cabinet one by one, rearrange them and get rid of anything you don’t use or haven’t used for over 6 months. 

·         Buy a noticeboard – Where do you put school memos, shopping lists, ‘handyman’ flyers and other notes at the moment? Bet they’re magnetised to the front door of your refrigerator aren’t they?  Make a change. Invest in a noticeboard instead, stick notes on that and leave your fridge door clear and free from mess.

·         Create a ‘junk drawer’ – Save a drawer at home for takeaway menus, spare bulbs, fuses and screwdrivers, put anything in it that might come in handy one day. The comedian Michael McIntyre describes this as his ‘man drawer’, you can call it what you like as long as it hides all that junk! 

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