Creative Ways To Recycle Plastic

Plastic - Due to its low cost, versatility, waterproof ability and its ease of manufacture is one of the most commonly used products ever, with its uses ranging from paper clips to airplanes. Plastic as we know it (synthetic plastic) has only been around for roughly 110 years, yet has already become far more popular than wood, stone, leather and most other products. In most of the world's most developed countries, plastic in packaging makes up around a third of all plastic, while another third is used within buildings for piping etc and the other uses consist of automobiles, toys, medical equipment and more. With all this plastic in use during our everyday life, we should know how we can recycle and make the most of those empty bottles and containers. So we've brought you the most creative way to reuse and recycle your old plastic bottles, bags and containers.

Vertical Garden

bottle plant pots

If you have a few old plastic bottles and a desire to do some gardening and add some greenery to your garden then this is the solution for you. Hang bottles from a wall or fence using fishing wire, rope or any other string type item you can find, then plant your flowers and you'll have a floating vertical garden!


plastic bottle chandelier

Let's face it, we've all wondered what a chandelier would look like in our home, we've probably even seen a few while out shopping for home improvement products. But, have you ever thought of making your own? They not only look great but do the job perfectly!

Simple Storage

plastic milk bottle pencil storage

This one is probably best suited to your children's bedroom. Remember all those pens and pencils you bought last Christmas but now just live on the floor? Well, this simple method will help keep everything organised and in place.

Plastic Bag Dispenser

bag dispenser

With the introduction of the 5p bag charge, we've all started collecting the bags we buy right? (Even if we do forget to take them next time we go shopping!). Well rather than have them all strewn around a cupboard, you can now create one of these handy bag dispensers.

Miniature Doll Houses

plastic bottle doll houses

Children always find a way to use something you need during one of their games, so why not give them your empty bottles and create some miniature homes for their toys.

Bird Feeder

plastic bottle bird feeder

If you're one for wildlife and enjoy watching the birds while they forage for food, then this is a creation you need!

Flower Vase

plastic bottle flower vase

If you enjoy having flowers around the house, then this is another great idea for you! Why not create your own vase and experiment with the design until you have a one of a kind vase!

Garden Sprinkler

plastic bottle garden sprinkler hose

Another idea for those garden dwellers. Sometimes watering your plants with the hose can be a little powerful and before you know it you've created a small lake! not anymore, with this great garden sprinkler.

Bottle Cap Mosaic

plastic bottle cap mosaic

Whether you want to create something small or something a little more extravagant, this bottle cap mosaic idea looks great!

Bottle Ottoman

ottoman made out of bottles

This idea is a little harder, if you're willing to put in the time and effort it'll be well worth it. Create the perfect piece of furniture for your living room with this Ottoman.

Resealable Bags

resealable bags using bottle tops

This idea reuses two things; plastic bags and bottles. If you find yourself throwing away spoilt goods because they were open and exposed to the elements too long, this is the answer!

Plastic Broom

plastic bottle broom

A great idea for those that can't stand any mess around the house. Make your own broom from your old bottles and clean up in the process - It's a win-win.

Cubical Storage Box

plastic bottle weaved storage box

A great idea for those that like to stay organised, whether it's a small box for your desk or a huge one to keep dirty laundry in, this idea is great!

Bird House

bird house made from plastic bottles

Another idea for the bird lovers, why not create a few bird houses to hang around the garden? Then the birds will never have to leave your garden.

Perfect Gift Packages

plastic bottle gift packages

Have you ever wanted to give someone a small gift and then realised you didn't have a nice little package to gift it in? Well, now your empty drinks bottle will do the job!

Plastic Bag Kite

plastic bag kite

We all created little paper kites as a kid right? Well, this one will actually fly! Using a plastic bag and a little string is the perfect combination.

Bottle Car Cover

plastic bottle car canope

This awesome car cover is something that no only looks great but keeps things from falling onto your car!

Decorative Flowers

decorative flowers made from plastic bottles

These little flowers look great for just about everything, from around the house decorations to out in the garden.

Fairy House Night Lights

fairy night light plastic bottles

These night lights look beautiful in the garden during the night. Not only are they easy to create but they're waterproof too!

Trash, Trash Can

trash can made from plastic bottles

This handy bin is made from rubbish for rubbish.

Spoon Lamp

lamp shade made from plastic bottles and spoons

If you're redecorating in the house and need a cool new lamp, why not considering making one? Using just some old plastic spoons.

Peg Basket

plastic bottle peg basket

If you hang your washing outside, you may have noticed a few critters like to start a home on your clothes pegs, well with this handy idea you can store your pegs and bring them indoors.

Plastic Path

bottle top pathway

I've seen this done with coins and it looks just as great, but this is also an amazing way to use those bottle caps that may be laying around the house.

Paintbrush Holder

paintbrush holder made from plastic bottle

An old milk bottle makes a great paint and paintbrush holder. Just pour the paint inside and use the hole in the top to hold your paintbrush when not in use.


plastic bottle green house

This is a great idea for anyone that is looking for a small outhouse, whether you want a small shed or a greenhouse, it's an awesome idea.

Hanging Door Caps

hanging door made from bottle caps

This is an alternative to the hanging door beads that many people use during the summer, in our opinion this looks better.

Bottle Purse

plastic bottle purse

This is a great idea for those that always have small bits and bobs that need a permanent home and could also be used as an actual purse!

Litre of Light

plastic bottle lamp

This is an amazing idea for providing light in outhouses, sheds and other outer buildings you don't want to run electricity to, just fill a bottle with water and bleach and expose half to the sun with the other half inside the building/structure.

Tap Extender

tap extender made from plastic bottle

Have you ever been to use a tap and found it's far too short? Well with this idea that's no longer a problem.

Toy Soldier Bookends

bookends made from childs toys

If you have children, you will probably have a few broken toys around the house. This is an awesome way to use those toys instead of just throwing them out.

Plastic Bottle Bowling

bowling pins made from bottles

This is a great way to entertain the kids and use those old bottles that are supposed to be going in the bin! Grab a ball and get playing!

Record Bowls

plastic bowls made from old records

This might not be the best way to use your records but if you still have a few worthless ones, they look great when made into bowls.

Garden Fence

plastic bottle garden fence

These garden fences look great and can be made from bottles of any shapes, size or colour.

Hanging Decorative Flowers

flowers made from plastic bottles

These flowers look great hanging in the house or even in the garden and are extremely fun to make.