CurTec Lidded Boxes: Keeping Your Hazardous Goods Safe and Protected

Widely recognised for their high performance plastic packaging products, CurTec is a specialist manufacturer and distributer of quality products; that assure a unique blend of functionality, eco-friendliness and design. With 25 prominent years in the market, CurTec continues to demonstrate how they managed to evolve from drum product lines to innovative packaging solutions.

Guess what! We are proud to say that Solent Plastics is the only distributor of this range in the UK!

What are CurTec Lidded Boxes?

The CurTec UN Approved Lidded Boxes are quite distinct – for they are specifically made to meet extreme requirements and UN regulations for packages that contain hazardous goods. This particularly applies to industries that involve chemical substances (i.e. healthcare and pharmaceutical) and manufactured articles (i.e. military).

Here are some of the tests and regulations that these boxes have met and even surpassed:

  • Drop test - from a height of 1.80 metres with the crate cooled down to -18°C
  • 24-hr stacking test - up to a height of 3 metres at an ambient temperature of 30°C
  • UN3291 - a regulation that allows a crate to be used both for storage and the internal and external distribution of medical instruments


Aside from being sturdily made for hazardous goods, the CurTec lidded boxes are expertly designed with the following specs:

  • Wide range of sizes: choose from 20-90 litres
  • Ergonomic design + easy to handle
  • Stackable and nestable
  • Robust and sustainable
  • Lockable and sealable
  • Reusable

Why they are perfect for the job

It’s extremely risky business; the storing, transporting and distributing of hazardous goods! This reliable range of lidded boxes surely makes the grade – CurTec lidded boxes are the perfect solution for your strict storage demands.

Increased Product Protection

Aside from meeting the UN packaging regulations, CurTec lidded boxes provide an increased level of protection with their tamper evident seals; this is to ensure that all hazardous substances or food ingredients are kept safe throughout the entire delivery process.

For more guarded security, you can also opt for boxes with attached barcodes. 

Reduced Packaging Costs

No need for any additional packaging! This reliable range is built to be tough – singlehandedly offering the protection your shipment requires. This can help to reduce your overall costs and reduce packaging waste in the logistic chain.

Space Saving

Thanks to their safe stacking feature, you can efficiently make room for more boxes when they are stored or on transit! Unlike their cardboard counterparts, CurTec’s containers can eliminate the tedious process of folding and assembling boxes – since they are conveniently easy to handle.


Whatever your requirements; we’ve got the perfect plastic storage solution! To experience the benefits of our plastic storage boxes with lids, call Solent Plastics today.