Dominos Pizza

Bought in 1960 for just $1,400 by two brothers, James and Tom Monaghan, Domino's Pizza started out as a small American pizzeria.

Today, it has expanded into the second largest pizza delivery company in the US, with 9,000 franchise and corporate outlets operating in 60 international markets, a total of 145,000 employees across the world and revenue reportedly topping $2.2 billion in 2016.

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Domino's history

The original Domino's outlet was a pizzeria called DomiNick's, located at 301 West Cross Street, Ypsilanti, Michigan. The Monaghan brothers paid a $500 down-payment and borrowed an additional $900 to pay for the store. They planned to split the work between them but James didn't want to quit his full-time postman position, so eight months later he sold his half of the business to Tom.

The name was changed to Domino's Pizza in 1965 and two years later, the first franchise was opened. By 1978, the number of franchises had increased to 200 across the US.

International trade

On 12th May 1983, the first international Domino's store was launched in Winnipeg, Canada. Domino’s was introduced to Tokyo, Japan in 1985 and the UK welcomed its first outlet in the same year - the European market expanded rapidly and there are now more than 600 outlets spread across Great Britain.

In 1997, the 1,500th international Domino's opened its doors - in fact, seven stores were launched in one day across five continents! There are now Domino's Pizza outlets across North America, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa.

Innovative ideas

In 1998 and after 38 years in charge, co-founder Tom Monaghan sold his 93% share of the firm to Bain Capital for $1 billion. The current management team is now led by Patrick J Doyle, who has been Domino's chief executive officer since March 2010.

Domino's has rolled out some innovative ideas in recent years including its 2007 franchising scheme, Veterans Delivering the Dream and the introduction of its Internet and mobile ordering sites. The Pizza tracker that was introduced in 2008 enables customers to check online for the status of their order in a real-time simulated progress bar. In New Zealand, Domino's provided the world's first pizza delivery in 2016 via an unmanned aerial vehicle, using the Flirety DRU Drone!

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As the Monaghan brothers have proved, sometimes the simplest ideas have the greatest outcomes.