Everything You Need to Know About Pallet Boxes

Every Solent Plastics’ container must pass muster… we take great pride in one of the strongest and most durable plastic boxes in our ranks – the indispensable pallet box!

Since their invention, pallet boxes - in various guises - have been enthusiastically received by various industries worldwide. With a flat yet efficient structure that can support heavy industrial goods, this is perfect for transportation via forklift, pallet jack, crane and other heavy-duty lifting machines.

The Plastic Pallet Box

For transporting heavy goods, plastic pallet boxes have always been the top storage choice for businesses across various sectors. They have more than proven their worth; items are safe, secure and quicker to transport – by land, sea or air. 

Typically made of HDPE or High-Density polyethylene, these plastic pallets are extremely durable against multiple impacts, weathering, rot, chemicals and corrosion – making them suitable for industrial use. Specially designed for use in a commercial environment, pallet boxes are a common sight in the following industries:

  • Warehousing
  • Distribution
  • Motorsport
  • Construction
  • Oil / Gas
  • And many more!


Solent Plastics ups the ante by upgrading every aspect of the trusty pallet box to suit customers’ varying requirements. More than being extremely sturdy, these boxes also boast the following specs:

  • Cut-out opening flaps on each side for easy loading and unloading
  • Foldable up to 430mm to save on space
  • 4 feet on base for forklift or pallet truck entry
  • Heavy duty; designed for long term rigorous use
  • Smooth inner and outer walls for easy cleaning

What Makes the Pallet Box So Special? 

Well, where to start really! Considered as the haulier’s best friend, these boxes aren’t popular without good reason. The following features maybe explain a little bit why they should be your storage solution of choice:

  • More durable. Compared to their counterparts, plastic pallet boxes more reliable in terms of guaranteed protection - when used as long term storage or in transit.
  • Environmentally friendly. Our ECO black Euro Pallet Boxes are made using a recycled material -  cutty costs without compromising quality.
  • Stackable. Lacking in warehouse space? Our pallet boxes can be stacked securely up to 6 feet high or placed onto racking – so you can make use of the vertical space!
  • Easy mobility. Pallet boxes can be supplied with bolt-on wheel sets (with or without brakes) to conveniently move them along warehouse aisles or in/out of vehicles and establishments.

By now, you should all know that buying Solent Plastics means buying quality! If your New Year’s resolution is to bring some order into your life, call us now on 01794 514478 to add these resilient plastic pallet boxes to your winning formula!