Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is very much thought of as an art by enthusiasts across the world who believe there's a special skill and an innate beauty in a fly cast. The sense of satisfaction achieved by standing on the water’s edge and rhythmically casting the fly line has to be experienced to be believed.

Most anglers are familiar with bait or spin casting, using a weight or lure on the end of the line - as the weight is thrown, the line follows. The angler will cast an almost weightless fly made of thread, hair and feathers in a way that imitates a natural food source - the line itself being the weight.

Fly fishing equipment

Tying flies is an art in its own right. Some are small and basic, while others are beautiful and elaborate, even collectible - such as the salmon fly. Some bring feather and fur together in an attempt to imitate a food source through shape and colour, adding baitfish or an insect.

The equipment comprises a rod, reel and fly line, all of which can be simple in function and form. Fly fishing equipment brings enjoyment to the angler, whether it's through a smooth performance or even from the pride of owning a finely crafted fly.

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Understanding the mechanics of fly fishing is the first step towards mastering the technique of casting. The rod must be moved through the casting stroke to the point where it aims the line precisely at the target area. This takes practice!

Even if you don't know exactly where the fish are, mastering the technique means you are half way to success.

Celebrity fly fishing

A number of celebrities have spoken of their enjoyment of fly fishing, including actor Kevin Costner. After filming, there's nothing he likes better than to take some time out fishing for the ultimate in relaxation. He has been spotted fly-fishing in the Gallatin River, Big Sky, Montana, where he reeled in some brown and rainbow trout.

Liam Neeson is also a fly fishing enthusiast and he likes to escape his hectic Hollywood lifestyle to enjoy the tranquillity of the riverbank. He reportedly takes two months off every year to travel the US indulging in his hobby.

Batman star, Michael Keaton said he started fly fishing 40 years ago when he was 25. He said it helped him to relax -  taking him to a place where he can "drift off" from his Hollywood lifestyle and be "totally locked in" on the fishing.

Best locations

Thousands of anglers all over the world enjoy fly fishing and there are some top spots where anyone who enjoys fishing for sport or leisure should experience. Among the best places on the planet are Abacos in the Bahamas, where a haven of flats, mangroves and creeks play host to many a fishing lodge. Regarded as the birth place of fly fishing, the River Test in the UK runs west from its source to Whitchurch then southwest to Stockbridge and then south past Romsey to its estuary - it is the longest chalk-stream that runs for 39 miles. The river is famous for its trout and grayling fishing. Alphonse island in Seychelles is an Indian Ocean fly fishing paradise, boasting a luxury wilderness where exotic game fish dwell, while Tierra del Fuego in Patagonia, Argentina, is renowned for an abundance of massive brown trout, with recorded catches weighing at least 10lbs.

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