Food Grade Plastic: What it is and How to Spot it

Food Grade Plastic

Businesses in the food and beverage industry use food grade plastic containers to store different kinds of food, liquid or chemicals – as they are highly versatile, readily available and they don’t cost the earth - but what exactly is ‘food grade’ plastic and why do companies opt to use it over other alternatives?

Food grade plastics are those that do not contain recycled plastic products, particularly those that can be harmful to human health. They don’t contain any dyes or other similar chemicals to ensure consumer safety.

Free from BPA, Solent Plastics provides food handling containers that are made with food grade plastic – for the guaranteed safe storage of all your catering, pharmaceutical and manufacturing outputs. To help you even further in your quest for best food safety practices, the following guide will explain how to spot food grade plastic containers:

Check the Label

When buying plastic containers, it’s always important to read the label or the manufacturing details of the product, as the chemical contents that have been used are usually mentioned. If you’re buying online, this is sometimes mentioned in the product listing, along with its specifications.

The Price is Right

Quite often, the more expensive plastic containers are those that have been manufactured using a better quality of plastic; thus, warranting the higher retail price.

Look for the Marks

To check the validity of the information printed on the label, there are ‘symbols’ that can be found mostly on the bottom of the containers (or sometimes on the lids or on the sides) - usually a triangular recycle sign that has a number in the middle. If there are no marks present on your plastic container then you would be advised to be wary of its suitability.

Be Familiar with Numbers

Once you have located the symbols, ensure that you have a proper knowledge of what they actually mean. The numbers are equivalent to the type of plastic used to manufacture the container - numbers 1, 2, 4 and 5 are actually food safe.

Other Food-Handling Symbols

  • Cup and fork - means that the plastic container is suitable for food storage
  • Radiating waves - means that the container is microwave-safe
  • Dishes in water in turn - means that the food grade plastic container is dishwasher-safe
  • Snowflake - means that the plastic container is suitable for use in the freezer

Next time you decide to purchase some plastic containers for food storage purposes, you will know what to look out for! With our wide range of high quality food handling plastic containers that are guaranteed to be food safe, you can rest assured that your health will never be compromised! Give us a call today on 01794 514478 to find out more about our products.

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