Foster’s Lager is a brand famous for its humorous commercials that focus on its Australian heritage. Appealing to a wider audience, they have commonly featured a "laddish" slant but with a comic twist that ensures they're always tongue-in-cheek.

Foster's Lager


The famous lager - known as the "amber nectar" since actor Paul Hogan's famous series of adverts in the 1980s - was first brewed by brothers William and Ralph Foster, who emigrated to Melbourne from New York in 1886. They established a small brewery on Rokeby Street in Collingwood in 1888 and delivered their first batch of lager to a number of Melbourne hotels in February 1889.

In those days, a British-style ale was consumed in Australia but its heavy taste wasn't particularly suited to the hot weather. When Foster's went on sale, it became popular very quickly, as it was cold thanks to Foster's having a refrigeration engineer. It also had a smoother, lighter taste, providing a clean crisp drink that the locals loved.

Even in summer, Foster's delivered their lager on ice, enabling bar owners to serve it ice-cold, the way it was meant to be drunk. It was an innovative product which won the much sought-after Highest Award Against the World at the Melbourne Centennial exhibition of 1889.

Foster’s Today

Foster’s is still brewed today in accordance with the 1888 recipe, using the 19th century processes, combined with the benefits of modern brewing technology to ensure the traditional flavour is maintained.

The malt, hops and water used for the Foster's brewed in the UK are all sourced locally but the unique yeast that gives the lager its special taste is imported from Australia. It’s known as a creamy lager, with a sweet and full-bodied flavour.

The Tadcaster brewery where Foster's is brewed in the UK uses Tim Foster number six strain yeast - a direct culture of the original 19th century yeast, keeping the lager close to the true taste of the Foster brothers' original brew.

Foster's Adverts

The Foster's adverts are legendary in their own right, providing a humorous tongue-in-cheek, stereotypical image of the Aussie male. This type of comic advert has been used for Foster's since the 1960s, when comedian Barry Humphries started the trend using his creation, Barry McKenzie - a beer-swilling Australian expatriate - to promote the brand in 1964.

In the '70s, the brand tried a new approach, launching an advertising campaign featuring actor Kurt Beimel and introducing Foster's as the lager to drink at a classy cocktail party, where it is being drunk from wine glasses on ice, served by a chef.

However, the brand soon reverted to its traditional Aussie male focus - in particular Paul Hogan's adverts of the 1980s where he's seen drinking the "amber nectar" in a variety of scenarios. They featured stereotypical Australian imagery including exaggerated accents, kangaroos and cork hats.

The theme has continued for three decades, including the 2009 campaign with the slogan, "Foster's – get some Australian in you," with the "Backpacker" and "Deep Sea" adverts. Perhaps the brand's most memorable campaign, Paul Hogan aside, is the recent ad which has run since 2010. Featuring the slogan, "Good call!", two Aussie males, Brad and Dan, are telephoned by numerous Brits asking for advice on life and women.

They run a kind of agony aunt advice line for beleaguered males, who ask for words of wisdom on just about everything! The ads start with Brad and Dan sitting outside their log cabin on the beach in glorious sunshine, with bikini-clad lovelies all around. The hotline rings. Tom from High Wycombe wants to know how to stop mates from getting in your face when they're talking in the pub, while Ben from Southend wants to know whether his girlfriend will end up looking like her mum!

Sipping on a few cans of cold Foster's, Brad and Dan provide a unique manly advice service, with all of the adverts ending with the famous, "good call" slogan.

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