Get to Know Our Waterproof Plastic Storage Boxes

Our ties with the Marine and Maritime industries in the UK have helped us to expand our understanding of water resistant storage. Solent Plastics provides a range of waterproof plastic storage boxes that are ideal for cruise liners, oil companies, shipping companies, etc.

Portable Dry Box 

Available in Orange or Green

Our portable dry boxes work best as a marine tool storage box; they feature high quality O-ring seals to ensure that the contents are kept clean and dry. Equipped with heavy duty carrying handles for safe handling, this storage solution can also be locked through padlock eyes. 

The orange portable dry boxes have built-in detachable dividers for easy organisation. The green ones are specially designed to hold up to 8 boxes of ammunition – perfect for ammo safekeeping.

Dock Box 

Available in Black, Red, Green and Yellow

The name speaks for itself – these dock boxes serve as dock storage equipment. With EPDM rubber seals under the lids to prevent water, dust and dirt from entering the box, they are also easy to clean because of their smooth surface.

One of the unique features of this particular storage box is its honeycomb base and lid design; this reinforces the container so that it can better hold and protect the contents. Its clip down clasps can be padlocked to further secure the items.  

Buffalo Storage Boxes

Our buffalo box is the perfect choice when dealing with bulk storage applications. Aside from being water-resistant, its tongue and groove lid feature makes it weatherproof. Just like the dock boxes, buffalo boxes also have honeycomb bases and lids to increase their overall durability.

Scuba Box 

Available in Black or Opaque

Huge, airtight and stackable – scuba boxes are the ultimate multipurpose storage solution. These plastic storage boxes fit marine applications well and they are also great in damp areas at home. The hermetic airtight seal not only resists water, it also resists air, moisture and dust which could otherwise damage your stored items. 

Our stackable scuba boxes also have wheels, soft touch rubber handles and lockable lids to make transportation a lot easier.  


Shipping valuables or equipment via road, rail, air or sea? Our TIGABOX is the perfect flight case alternative. They can function as hard protective cases because they are made of robust heavy duty polyethylene. TIGABOXES are also designed as under body sealed storage boxes, suitable for any vehicular transport including lorry trailers.

We don’t just offer high quality plastic storage boxes, we also specialise in providing the right box for your industry – whether it is a simple storage box or a heavy-duty alternative.

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