Great uses for plastic airtight buckets

Think a plastic bucket is only handy for carrying water? That’s just one way to put a bucket to good use. Plastic airtight buckets are handy for all kinds of applications, especially if you buy a hard wearing product from Solent Plastics. Our customers find innovative ways to use airtight catering and mixing buckets, we’ve listed a few suggestions in this latest blog.

Pet food – Looking for storage solutions to keep Fido’s food fresh? Try an airtight bucket and keep his kibble in grade one condition. Dry pet food normally comes in bulk bags, once you open it you have a storage issue on your hands. Prevent this problem by pouring the kibble into a heavy duty airtight bucket, invest in a plastic scoop and mealtimes are simple!

Washing powder – Tired of wasting washing powder when you scoop it from a box? Pour it into a large bucket and carry it over to the machine. Plastic storage buckets make washday easy, your powder is kept in perfect condition, just lift the lid when you have a load to wash. Scoop it out with a plastic cup, why male washing any more difficult than it has to be?   

Homebrew – Plastic airtight buckets are fabulous for fermenting. If you love homebrewed beer or wine you’ll adore our plastic buckets too! They keep beer in a clean and sterilised condition, brewing at home is easy when you have airtight plastic buckets to rely on.

Paint kettle – Small 1 litre plastic buckets are handy for DIY as well. Pour paint into them and hand them by the handle on ladder hooks to make painting tasks easier. You can store paintbrushes in them overnight and keep them usable for the next day. Tins are untrustworthy, use a plastic bucket instead and don’t let DIY become a drag!