Heavy Duty Plastic Boxes: A Diver's Cost-Efficient Storage Choice

Our heavy-duty plastic box is just part of the wide range of plastic storage products that we offer. Popular amongst the retail distribution, warehousing, logistics and events operations, what you might not know about this storage marvel is that it also makes the perfect storage option for divers… and it can match the Gear Gulper, dive for dive!

A flexible and durable storage solution for all your diving essentials, say goodbye to crazily high prices with these low-cost heavy duty plastic boxes – and we haven’t skimped on quality!

Why Choose Heavy Duty Plastic Containers?

Exceptionally Durable

Heavy-duty plastic boxes can cope with constant use and many a return trip with minimal wear. Extremely strong and resilient, you can rest assured that all your diving equipment will be completely protected.

Moisture Resistant

Weather-resistant, chemical-resistant and non-absorbent, this box ensures longer life and provides superior content protection.


These heavy-duty plastic boxes offer greater flexibility in specific diving application requirements. They will also nest or collapse when not in use – to help save valuable space on deck.

Environmentally Friendly

Heavy-duty plastic preserves valuable resources and saves landfill space – these boxes stay out of the waste stream even at the end of their service life!

Reduced Costs

You can never go wrong with these boxes when it comes to long-term cost savings. At an incredibly low price, you get a fast return on investment.

What We Recommend

Get it here: 80 Litre Heavy-Duty XL Attached Lid Container / Lidded Plastic Storage Box

As one of Solent Plastics’ most competitive heavy-duty containers, our 80-ltr lidded plastic storage boxes are very popular within the diving community – given that storing diving supplies can be a challenge due to various size and equipment storage needs. Ideal for carrying your diving gear from the car to the boat or entry point and flexible enough to use as a tub to wash or soak your wet dive gear, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without one!

With the exact same dimensions as the Gear Gulper boxes, our heavy-duty plastic boxes make a great alternative:

  • No drainage holes – so totally watertight.
  • No print on side - in a plain black finish, the box looks distinct and sophisticated even if it is only used as a dive box!
  • HALF THE PRICE - yes, you heard right! Although totally equal in size and performance, our heavy-duty boxes are much cheaper than the Gear Gulper!

We take pride in our heavy-duty plastic boxes and the cost-efficiency of our invaluable storage solutions gives the consumer greater purchasing power. To learn more about our products, please call Solent Plastics on 01794 514478 and we’ll be glad to answer your questions!