How Small Plastic Storage Can Help Keep Things Intact

On the face of it, small items don’t consume much space but in truth they actually create the biggest clutter when left unorganised. As plastic storage specialists, we understand how these small items can become a huge problem. Our dedicated plastic storage range for small items is specially made to accommodate those ‘little things’ to keep your home and different industrial settings clean and organised.

Small Plastic Storage Benefits

Specific storage for your small, yet significant items can afford these benefits:

  • Perfect for Sorting 

          When not stored properly, small items have the tendency of getting jumbled up… our plastic storage boxes are the perfect solution.  Assigning one storage box per item can also help to sort things by type -good organisation = less stress!

  • Accessible Means of Storage

          Small plastic storage comes in a handy size, which makes it easy to locate. It can be stored under your desk, on a nearby shelf or inside a cabinet - for your convenience.

  • Easily Maintained

          Small plastic storage is much less hassle to manage - small in size means small on maintenance!  

Our Small Plastic Storage Range

Offering a selection of colours, shapes and sizes our small plastic storage range provides a manageable and perfectly visible small storage solution:

ARCA Shelf Storage Trays

Ideal for: Industrial Use (i.e. Manufacturing, Production, etc.)


  • Capacity: 2.4 Litres
  • Weight: 0.3 kg
  • Dimensions: L 300 x W 115 x H 100 mm
  • Available in Blue

Our ARCA shelf storage trays are straight sided trays that work best as shelf-based storage. They are great space savers and can also be divided in-between for maximum storage use.  The long dimension allows storage of elongated items like vehicle and manufacturing parts. They are also built with label holders for easier content identification purposes.

XL Eco Bins

Ideal for: Industrial Use (i.e. Manufacturing, Production, etc.)


  • Capacity: 1 Litre
  • Weight: 0.095 kg
  • Dimensions: L 165 x W 100 x H 75 mm
  • Available in Grey, Red, Blue, Yellow and Green

Economic in price but not in strength, the XL Eco Bins are heavy duty plastic storage bins that are perfect for storing all kinds of parts and components. They are available in five different colours for colour coding purposes.

Really Useful Clear Plastic Boxes

Ideal for: Household Use


  • Capacity: 0.2-1 Litre
  • Weight: 0.046-0.13 Litres
  • Available in Clear

Our Really Useful Clear Plastic Boxes range includes boxes as small as 0.2-ltr. The clear feature allows easy viewing of contents—no need for labels despite being lidded. A variety of sizes will allow you to choose how big or long you want your plastic storage to be.

Great things come in small packages!  Learn more about our small plastic storage solutions by calling 01794 514478.