How to Maximise the Potential of Plastic Storage Boxes When Moving

There are just so many things you can do with Solent Plastics’ wide range of plastic storage products - with a multitude of benefits, you could be forgiven for taking these clever little boxes for granted.

We know only too well how stressful a big move can be (we’ve just moved ourselves), so we have come up with some helpful plastic storage box tips to assist with your house moving requirements:

Tip #1: Clean Out and Purge

The first step to a hassle-free move is to purge the items you no longer need. This gives you more space in your plastic storage boxes for the things that actually matter. 

Tip #2: Organise

Organise and pace yourself by packing the boxes over a period of days/weeks prior to the moving date. For better organisation, take note of the following:

  • Consolidate plastic storage boxes that contain fragile items
  • Pack the boxes with essential items last so that you can unload them first
  • Label your plastic storage boxes for easier identification

Tip #3: Packing

Fragile and other sensitive items are prone to damage when not properly packed. For the best protection, use old towels or screwed up newspaper to fill in any gaps between your treasured items. Make sure the packed boxes stay in some sort of order so that they can be loaded onto the moving vehicle in a suitable fashion.

Lidded Storage Boxes: The Ultimate House Moving Solution

You can organise your items better with Solent Plastics’ very own plastic storage boxes with lids. Our Buffalo and Scuba plastic storage box ranges are ideal for moving because they are:

  • Extremely Robust - ensuring the utmost protection for your valuables

  • Weatherproof - protecting your possessions from the damaging outside elements

  • Stackable -  maximising on space while in transit

Combine our durable and functional plastic storage boxes with careful planning and you will surely breeze your way into that dream home! Contact the plastic storage experts today on 01794 514478 for your hassle-free and reliable packing solutions.