How to Offer the Best Customer Service Online

Customer Service

Since the rise of online shopping, millions of users have been enticed by the outright convenience it affords. Although many people still prefer to see the actual item before they buy it, companies are now taking advantage of the fact that their audience is becoming more technology-inclined – giving them a unique online shopping experience that instils a ‘realistic’ feel.

Solent Plastics is proud to say that we strive to provide an easy to use, customer-friendly system:

User Friendly Interface

The easier it is for users to navigate your page, the higher the chances they will come back for more. The Solent Plastics website is both desktop and mobile friendly, so our customers can almost feel like they are in a bricks and mortar store – easy and straightforward.

Detailed Products

18 Ltr Small Iris

Since customers cannot see the items in the flesh, you must give them every single detail they might require (e.g. dimensions, weight, available colours, etc.). The more information you can provide, the more shoppers will be inclined to browse your website to find their desired product - it also helps to avoid wrong orders and inconvenient returns.

Real Time Assistance

Although online shopping is the in-thing, customers are still looking for the assurance that they won’t encounter any problems – but should there be any issues, they will still be able to reach someone who can help them out. Chat support, email support or a customer service representative over the phone are just few of the solutions that can offer the assistance that might be required to help you complete your online transactions.

Customer Feedback

Companies who consider customer feedback are invariably the most engaged. Customers who feel that they are treated well and that they are heard tend to remain loyal to the company. Social media is also a good way to reach your target audience and get in touch with customers.

Solent Plastic Reviews

With a 9.7/10 rating at TrustPilot, we truly value customer feedback, as it helps us to better understand our strengths and weaknesses – so we can further improve our customer service techniques.

Fast, Safe and Convenient Transactions

Nobody wants to see their hard-earned cash go to waste. Great online customer service doesn’t end at the click of the “buy” button; it should extend to the safe and convenient delivery of the purchase – and the necessary after care if and when required.

Different modes of payment and various delivery options add to the convenience of our service and if anyone has further questions or order follow-ups, we always respond quickly and politely.

Assuring the best all round shopping experience, Solent Plastics firmly believes that every customer has the right to complete satisfaction – after all, without you guys we would not be in business! So, start browsing our wide range of plastic storage products and enjoy the Solent difference! For product enquiries or for any further assistance, please call 01794 514478.