How to Plan the Perfect Garage Storage

Let’s face it, the garage is often the place where all those things we’re not sure if we really want anymore end up. Toys, tools, paint, even ornaments… you name it; it all gets banished from the home. Seasons change and fashions come and go, so you never know when you might need any of those currently out of favour items in the future – so you had better store them wisely! Stick with me, cos I just might know how you can achieve a perfectly organised garage.

Important Reminders

#1: Measure Your Garage Space

The more accurate the measurements, the better — as this can save you from all the hassle and added costs of buying the wrong storage solution. We don’t want to get off to a bad start, do we?

#2: Choice of Storage

Choose units that can assure years of unfaltering service; cue plastic storage boxes. They can protect your possessions from the outside elements – plus, they are easy to clean and maintain.

#3: Capacity and Flexibility of the Storage

Make sure your plastic storage containers are sturdy enough to hold heavy items, yet flexible enough to meet any change in storage requirements. When deciding what to purchase, always keep in mind that you should leave some space for other items that will surely be relegated to the garage at a future date.

#4: Easy Installation

While wall-mounted storage can be a great space saver, it can also be harder to install – compared to free standing alternatives. Your storage should be easily accessible to ensure quick and stress-free access for all. 

Ideal Storage for Your Garage

To ensure complete organisation, equip your garage with the following plastic storage products:

  • Shelves – a convenient means of maximising space, shelves can significantly increase your storage by resourcefully holding a set of storage boxes on one rack. 

          Product Recommendation: Extra Wide Heavy Duty 5 Tier Solid Plastic Shelving Unit

  • Weatherproof Storage Boxes – airtight, water-resistant and weatherproof storage boxes make the best garage storage options. 

           Product Recommendation: Extra Large Black Scuba Box

  • Small Parts Bins – these will keep small tools (i.e. screws, nails, hooks, etc.) in one place for easy access. You can also sort your bits and bobs by type for added convenience. 

          Product Recommendation: 0.9-ltr Schaefer Open Fronted Small Parts Bin

  • Toolboxes – store all your tools with confidence in toolboxes that will protect them from rust and corrosion.

          Product Recommendation: Magnus 14.9-ltr Portable Euro Plastic Storage Case

With the help of our plastic storage boxes, you should have your garage working like a finely tuned engine…. Oh, that reminds me; don’t forget to leave some room for the car! When it comes to plastic storage, Solent Plastics has always go a bright idea. Don’t put off ‘til tomorrow what you can do today, call 01794 514478 and get your garage organised right away.