How to recycle with plastic storage boxes

If you want your household to take an eco-stance by recycling more often it’s useful to create your own mini-recycling centre at home. This way you can sort the tins from the glass and the paper from the foil as part of your daily routine. Plastic storage boxes will help as you build your recycling centre and here’s what you need to do.

Find a place to put the boxes

Before you can start recycling you need somewhere practical to place your household waste. This could be a part of your kitchen, the utility room or you might want to set up a recycling area in your garage instead. Clear out clutter if you have to and make room for a few plastic containers, they’ll be the heart of your recycling centre. Big boxes are best so they can hold plenty of items, just make sure they come with lids.

Build a rack

A neat storage idea is to build a rack to place storage boxes on and this way you can stack the boxes and keep them off the floor. Measure the size of your plastic storage boxes before you start to make shelves, you don’t want to make the rack too small.  You might want to build your own rack or look for ready-made options at DIY stores. Either way, once you have somewhere to place the boxes your recycling centre will soon start to take shape.

Decide what goes where

Pick a box or two for glass and plastic, a box for paper and cardboard and a box for metal tins and foil as well. Label the plastic storage containers clearly so every member of the household knows what items to place in each one. You can transfer the contents of the recycling containers to the main waste bins once they get full. Or if you don’t mind a trip to your local household recycling centre pop the plastic containers in the boot of your car and cut down on the amount of waste that has to be collected from your home.