How to Safely Load Pallet Boxes

Commonly used in warehouses and product shipping, pallet boxes are an ideal storage container due to their extremely robust features. Although they are durable, proper safety measures should always be followed when loading:

Before Loading: Means of Shipping

pallets on truck

Prior to loading, you should first ascertain how the pallet box will be shipped; will it be via truck, ship or plane? This information is essential as it will help to determine the size that will best fit the shipping mode. It will also ensure the safety of the boxes together with their load.

Check for Damage

plastic crate

Aside from dents and scratches, damaged boxes display broken handles or holes around the pallet. Putting products in substandard containers can cause damage to the goods inside. A thorough inspection should be performed to ensure safe handling and shipping. If you have any damaged containers, dispose of them to prevent future use.

Don’t Exceed the Weight Limit

weighing scale

Before you hire or purchase pallet boxes you should first determine their load capacity; every pallet box has a specific weight limit. Exceeding the weight limit may lead to the pallet’s demise and damaged contents.

Solent Plastics offers pallet boxes that can capacitate loads of up to 750kg - perfect for shipping purposes and for storing bulky items.

Examine the Products

product checking

Depending on the size and shape, the contents should also be checked. This will help you to understand how best to load the boxes. Since pallet boxes are created square and deep, you should identify how you’ll approach the stacking. For example, the biggest square items can be placed on the under most part, whilst the small odd-shaped ones can be placed at the top.

Organise the Load

organised crates

Placing the products in a uniformed position is an effective way of securing the load inside the boxes. It ensures that the products will not fall or break when you ship or store them. You can either load the items in the exact shape of the pallet or you can centralise the weight.

Secure Pallet Boxes through Strapping Methods

secure pallets

If you want to effectively secure the pallet boxes, apply strapping around the load. Alternatively, you could opt for stretch wrapping in which the load is held tightly together. Stretch wrapping also covers the entire pallet to avoid stealing or intrusion of the products.

Pallet boxes are heavy, especially when full. For your wellbeing and for the safety of your shipment, take care of your pallet boxes and your pallet boxes will take care of you!