How useful are our 'Really Useful Plastic Storage Boxes'?

Available in different sizes and shapes, our ‘Really Useful’ range can cater to almost any type of storage requirement; these boxes can be a container for small beads or a storage solution for bedding.

Key Features

  • Clear - clear plastic storage boxes enable you to see the contents without removing the lid; this also helps you to organise your boxes a lot easier.
  • Locking Handles - also used to lock the lids, these handles are multipurpose!
  • Stackable - strong and durable, these boxes can be safely stacked one after the other – with or without lids.
  • Ergonomic Design - their clever design means they are perfect for many different purposes. 

Different Sizes and Uses

Solent Plastics’ Really Useful Plastic Storage Boxes are available in different sizes – from 0.2-litre to 145-litre. Our comprehensive range can accommodate different storage requirements for various purposes:


(0.2 – 2.5 litres)

For small items like playing cards, cable wires and art materials, these boxes have a small capacity starting from 0.2 to 2.5 litres. The smaller ones are perfect for cards, clips, accessories and the like, while the narrow-shaped alternatives are more suitable for pencils, brushes and other elongated items.


(3 – 24.5 litres)

Medium-sized boxes are for slightly bigger items including tools like pliers and screwdrivers or CDs, DVDs, scrapbooking materials, etc.  With a capacity of between 3 and 24.5 litres, they are also available in various dimensions.


(25 – 145 litres)

For those bigger items, our large boxes are the perfect storage solution. With a capacity ranging from 25 to 145 litres they can keep your sports equipment tidy; they can also serve as shoe boxes or under-bed storage for your bedding materials. 

Product Recommendations

CD/DVD Storage Boxes

Suggested boxes: RUB3 and RUB18

The RUB3 box can hold up to 10 DVDs or 18 CDs, while our RUB18 box has a storage capacity of up to 44 DVDs or 93 CDs. The RUB18 is also spacious enough to include two RUB partition trays – if you feel like using the box for other purposes.

Vinyl Records Storage Container

Suggested box: RUB38

Keep your precious vinyl records protected with our RUB38 box that can comfortably hold 100 12” vinyl records. The RUB38 can fit up to 3 RUB partition trays to maximise its storage potential.

Foolscap Suspension Files

Suggested boxes: RUB19, RUB24, RUB25, RUB35, RUB42 and RUB64

The RUB19, RUB24, RUB25, RUB35, RUB42 and RUB64 are great for keeping files in place, with their suspension files foolscap feature. Taller compared to the other boxes, this allows you to safely store all kinds of documents without folding them.

The ‘Really Useful Plastic Storage Boxes’ range is the storage solution that just keeps on giving!