Increase Work Productivity with Solent Plastics

You barely have time to organise your work space, so maybe you should ask yourself which actually takes more time; tidying things or finding what you need in a messy environment? If you are trying to work in organised chaos this could be having an impact on your productivity, which is why you should bring some order into your life.

Treat your office rearrangements as a fun DIY project and it won’t even feel like such a burden. The real help in this project will come from these plastic storage boxes:

Collection Box

a4 plastic storage tray

Buy it here: A4 Plastic Storage Trays

Plastic storage trays are perfect for filing your documents for easy access. These may include personal letters, utility bills and receipts… we’ve saved time already!

Stationery Shelf

plastic order picking bin

Buy it here: Extra Small Open Fronted Storage Plastic Order Picking Bin

Sometimes the items you use on a daily basis such as staplers, punchers, clips and pens are hard to locate because of the clutter on your desk. Separate your stationery and organise it with our easy access solution.


nest plastic box

Buy it here: All In Open Fronted Stack / Nest Plastic Box

For items that require a little more protection including discs, dongles, etc. our stackable storage option will safeguard your more vulnerable office essentials.

Filing System

plastic filing system

Buy it here: Clear Transparent Plastic Storage Box Container

Paperwork has a nasty habit of multiplying… right when you think you’ve dealt with it all another load appears on your desk! Enhance your filing skills with a Solent Plastics’ filing solution.

For even better organisation, our RUB19, 24, 35, 42 plastic storage boxes include built-in rails to hang foolscap paper or suspension files.

Additional tip: Have two filing cabinets; the first for files that have 50-100% importance and the second for paperwork with a little less urgency - prioritising is the key.

Storage Cabinet

airtight plastic storage container

Buy it here: Iris Airtight Clear Plastic Storage Box

Make use of the free space under your desk with a storage solution that can house some of your supplies – notebooks, electronics, stationery, etc. Clear plastic storage boxes are perfect because you won’t have to label them; their transparency will allow you to see the contents without removing the lid.

To design the perfect workplace you must first consider how it will fit in with your working environment.

Well, that’s all sorted… I think we all deserve a cup of tea now!