Iris Airtight Storage Boxes: Reliable Storage for All Seasons

Iris Airtight 1 - Solent Plastics

Storing seasonal items and the things you seldom use can be quite a headache, especially when you don’t have the right storage containers.

Solent Plastics specialises in plastic storage boxes that are up to the most gruelling of storage challenges… and they won’t break the bank! Available in different sizes, there is sure to be an option that perfectly fits your requirements:

Extremely Airtight

The clue is in the title! Iris airtight storage boxes are complete with a reliably airtight polyurethane seal – guaranteeing that no water, moisture or dust can enter the container (unless submerged in water, as this will saturate the seal and allow water ingress). You can count on this invaluable storage solution to keep your belongings clean and dry, even when stored over long periods.


Keeping your valuables safe from various weather conditions when left in the open, these weatherproof boxes are equally suitable for outdoor use – camping equipment, boating essentials, etc.

Lightweight yet Durable

Looks can be deceptive! These containers may be lightweight and outwardly fragile - making them easier to handle - but make no mistake; they are remarkably durable.

Distinct Security Features

Equipped with 4 durable clips, the lids shut tightly for completely secured storage. The reinforced lids also facilitate easy and secure stacking.

Stress-free Sorting

Storage made easy! The transparent feature makes sorting a lot easier, since you won’t have to open each container to see what’s inside. 

Iris Airtight 2 - Solent Plastics

Outright Convenience

With various sizes that can cater to your every need, Iris airtight storage boxes start from the smallest size of 18 litres and go up to as much as 70 litres for your large to extra-large items.

Variety of Uses

The good thing about these boxes is that they are not only limited to household use; they can also be a flexible storage means for your camping gear and even for yacht and marine, electronics and laboratory requirements.

Low Maintenance

Low maintenance, plastic is easy to clean and maintain. Once the boxes are emptied out, they can be stacked or nested for your space-saving convenience.

Affordable and Readily Available

Like all our plastic storage solutions, the Iris range is readily available to ensure that there is a plastic container for you whenever you need it! In line with our best price plastic storage solution ethos, the Iris comes in at an affordable price - ranging from £10.45 - £18.95, depending on the size.

Not convinced? These boxes can be used in 25 different ways – proof indeed that they are the all-round, best buy storage solution that just keeps on giving! Contact Solent Plastics today on 01794 514478 for first-hand experience of our storage for all seasons.