Keep your Events well Organised with Proper Storage

Planning an event is a stressful experience and even the most seasoned organiser isn't infallible. When you have a lot of materials to organise, transport to the venue and store afterwards to reuse at a future event, it's challenging to keep everything in order.

The most inefficient thing you can do is to dump everything in the basement without any proper system, as this makes it harder next time you host an event. Looking for those unused name badges and lanyards in an unmarked box, amid hundreds of other boxes, is just about impossible.

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Clear plastic storage

This scenario can be avoided by staying on top of your storage space. The most sensible way of storing items in the workplace is by using clear plastic containers for the quick and easy identification of their contents.

If your office storage space is a cellar or basement and you're worried it may be damp, store important items in airtight and water-resistant boxes to keep them in tip-top condition. You won't need to worry about water, damp or dust ruining your important paperwork and other materials, while the transparency of the containers ensures the contents are always visible.


Keep everything together

First, choose the general area where your materials are going to be stored. If you have a lot of items that you intend to reuse at your next meeting, the closer together you store them, the better. Stick to the one spot, rather than having containers dotted about in every available space. Then, dedicate sections of the chosen area for specific items.

Keep smaller items such as name tags and lanyards together on a shelf in smaller boxes. Using clear containers saves the day every time, whatever size they are.

Larger items like banners and bulk promotional materials can be stored below in clearly-labelled storage trunks.


Efficient labelling

Keep your labelling specific - the more precise you make it, the easier it will be to locate your items next time you need them. This will save you time when your next event is imminent. If you don't label properly, you will start to lose things.

While storing your materials in a well-organised area is the key to planning your next event, also consider how to transport them safely to the venue. Enquire whether there will be assistance at the other end to help set up your stage and other facilities. This is particularly important if you've booked a larger venue, as you need to have a plan for carrying heavy items to your meeting room.


Forward planning

A common misconception is that your group is "just a number" when it comes to the venue. This is untrue, of course. As an event organiser, it's up to you to develop a good relationship with your contact at the venue. Make sure they know what your requirements are for the event, so they can provide needs-based customer service.

As long as the venue understands your personal needs, the team there will be keen to meet those requirements. No venue wants customers to leave with a bad impression and they'll be pulling out all the stops to offer you a customised service.

If you need help either setting up beforehand, or packing up at the end of the event, just make this clear in advance.


Smooth experience

If you're worried about the distance between the meeting spaces, or between the conference room and other facilities, speak to the venue staff about this and see if they can allay your fears. Creating a smooth, comfortable experience for everyone is their aim too. They are the experts when it comes to their own space and they can adjust and modify the area, so it's tailored to your group's needs.

Building up a good relationship between event organisers and venue managers is the key to making sure the right kind of hospitality is provided on the day.


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