Looking for Portable, Secure and Heavy Duty Storage Cases?

Our Magnus Range of Stacking Euro Containers is the perfect solution. This exclusive Range is a fraction of the price of similar alternatives without skimping on the quality!

Some of the great features include:

  • This range of 5 Stacking Containers are based on the 400 x 300 and 600 x 400 European standardised sizes which can all be inter-stacked
  • All cases come with a Top Quality Handle and Sprung Closing Latches making these ideal in many industrial scenarios
  • Protection of expensive contents through reinforced ribbed design and straight internal sides
  • Material suitable in environments from -20C -  80C and resistant to many acids and oils
  • Similar cases are used currently by: Fire and Rescue for specialist equipment and Offshore Engineers for Torque Wrenches

As you can see, these cases really do provide a flawless case suitable across so many industries!