Mad About Protective Tough Camera Cases!

Our Exclusive Range of MAX Waterproof IP67 Rated Cases has really got us excited.  Foam Lined Cases have been proved over and over the very best option when protecting your Camera. Professional or Amateur Photographers alike really do benefit from the features rather than soft cases.

So why a Hard Protective Camera Case?

  • Light but strong
  • Large cases offer maximum protection compared to soft cases
  • Last longer than soft versions which become worn or marked
  • Loads of space for accessories within the Cubed Foam Interior
  • Stackable to maintain organisation
  • Waterproof and Dustproof protecting your goods in even the most extreme environment
  • Secure – Padlockable and far more secure than the alternatives
  • Reliable – No problem with clips compared to zips and seals
  • Shockproof – No more of your heart skipping a beat when you drop your valuables!
  • Affordable – Inexpensive casing that lasts the distance
  • For all Shapes and Sizes! - GoPro HERO2 HERO3, DSLR, SLR, HD Video Cameras, Lenses and Accessories!

So Click Here take a look at our MAX Cases and the fantastic size variations available!