Make Tidying Up Fun with Our Storage Solutions

Solent Plastics’ plastic storage solutions can help get your kid’s toys packed neatly away without too much hassle.

Offering plenty of storage space and easy enough to handle, even for kids… well, just take a look at some of our top storage solutions and you’ll see what I mean!

Open Fronted Boxes or Multifunctional Stacking Bins

These multi-layered stacking bins are good for sorting small toys. Supplied in sets of 4, they have multi-coloured lids - so you can encourage your children to sort their toys according to category and then designate each with a specific colour… see, I told you this would be fun!  You can even make a game out of it to make clean-up time even more enjoyable!

Transparent Stack Nest Plastic Storage

The perfect choice for big toys or toys that your children don’t usually use, it is conveniently transparent so you can easily identify the contents without opening each container.

Water-Resistant Storage Box

When playtime is becoming way too much for the adults indoors – if it’s starting to sound like bedlam - Solent Plastics’ outdoor storage solutions will help you to execute Plan B… this is where you direct the little dears into the garden! Water resistant and robust, you can be sure that all their toys will be well looked after in our outdoor storage boxes.

Heavy-Duty 5-Tier Solid Plastic Shelving Unit

As a great way to store all their storybooks, this heavy-duty shelving unit won’t succumb to any kind of rough and tumble. You can stack them to a maximum of 5 layers or you can divide them into two lower shelving units for easier reach.

Heavy-Duty 18 Compartment Stacking Euro Tray with Fixed Partitions

Thanks to its spacious and easy-to-access partitions, this is a great way to store the smaller toys - with an optional lid if you wish to stack them.

See, tidying up is child’s play with our high-quality plastic storage solutions.  With all your enquiries, please call 01794 514478 and speak to the child-friendly Solent Plastics’ team.