Making the Case for Geocaching

School may soon be out for summer but there are still ways of sneaking in some education over the holidays.

One idea is to go geocaching! A fun activity that the whole family can enjoy and one which combines problem-solving with technology and map-reading skills, teamwork and the chance to enjoy the great outdoors and some fresh air, there’s also plenty of flexibility – walk as little or as much as you choose.


Equally, this activity offers the chance to go to some interesting locations that you might not otherwise visit and who knows, the children might even end up begging to go for a walk! What’s more, you can hunt for a geocache wherever you find yourself in the world! It’s estimated there are more than a couple of million geocaches concealed globally, with more than five million enthusiasts worldwide.

If you’re not familiar with it, geocaching is essentially a global, high-tech treasure hunt that takes place outside. The ‘caches’ are concealed by fellow players, often in spots they are fond of. The ‘treasure’ is generally a low-value prize in a small waterproof box, along with a logbook and pen or pencil. Prizes will be small toys, keyrings or something similar - don’t expect pieces of eight in a treasure chest! Ideally, if you take the prize, you should replace it with something of a similar value and of course, note the find in the logbook provided.

Using a GPS receiver, the geocacher records the coordinates of where the cache is hidden and then posts its existence on an online listing once back home. A fellow geocacher who reads the listing will then go and track it down, having entered the coordinates into their own GPS. Once you get home having found a cache, log it on the website where you learned about it and leave any comments you wish…

… And that’s about it! You just need a sense of adventure, a GPS receiver, internet access, your own transport since trains and buses are unlikely to be an option and substitute ‘prizes’ for the cache.

Geocaching is growing in popularity, thanks to the better accuracy of GPS systems, improved smartphones allowing for the whole process to be paperless and the enhanced maps and data coverage available these days. Equally, it’s now more known about as an activity. It’s also really easy to get going – download one of the free apps and you could be started in minutes. There’s more information on the Geocaching Association of Great Britain website.

Max Cases

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